Benefits of Google My Business for Companies

 Many people turn to the internet multiple times a day for information to enhance their lives. Now, Google has designed a new way for businesses to get noticed: Google My Business. Business owners now have a great tool to build a strong customer base, maximize their profits, and increase their visibility in the online community, which will be discussed in detail below.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business (GMB) is an online web service that, as the name implies, helps small, local businesses to gain high visibility on Google search for local searches. Through the use of GMB, small business owners can manage and increase their visibility in Google search by making use of several features offered by the service. With Google My Business optimization service, you can maximize the benefits your company can obtain from GMB.

Now that you are aware of what Google My Business is all about, it’s time to know its benefits for companies.

1. Manage Your Business Website

First, many business owners prefer the simplicity of using the web to manage their sites and increase the number of visitors and sales that come to them. For instance, if you have a blog that is meant to share your views with the local community and with the rest of the world, why not have it posted on your website? With all these available, it’s no wonder that many business owners use web-based tools to manage their websites. 

GMB offers additional tools to help you make the most of your site. For example, you can add Google Analytics to your site to see how many people visit your site each month, how many unique visitors your site attracts each month, and how much income you earn from each visitor. 

2. Customized Web Pages

Small businesses often want their pages to look unique, but they may not be sure how to do this. With the help of an advanced design tool of Google My Business, you can create unique web pages that will not only make your site appealing to visitors but also to increase its visibility in the search engines. 

You can also use the same design tool to create a database of clients that will give you valuable information about who your customers are and where they live. These services are extremely cost-effective.

3. Establish a Great Web Presence

When customers trust their experiences with your company, they are more likely to return. By using a unique web page, visitors can instantly identify your company’s contact information, address, photos, hours of operation, map directions, and more without having to spend much time trying to locate the information themselves.

Here are some ways to improve your web presence and increase your ranking on Google My Business:

  • Verify Your GMB Information: Ensure that your business details are correct on GMB.
  • Encourage Positive Google Reviews: Reviews are often read by interested customers, so you might want to encourage your loyal customers to write good and honest reviews about your company.
  • Embed a Google Map of Your Business on Your Website: By doing so, you’ll easily guide customers to visit your physical store and show that your business is indeed legitimate and not a scam.
  • Choose the Right Category for Your Business: Make sure that the primary keywords are aligned with your company name and the products and services you are offering.

4. Increase People’s Trust in Your Company

With increased visibility in Google, your credibility and trust rating will increase, which will provide you the following advantages:

  • Increased traffic to your website
  • More positive reviews
  • Increase chances of marketing your business via word of mouth
  • More sales qualified leads
  • More sales or deals closed

5. Google My Business is Cost-Effective

A small business owner can start a free account and begin seeing their page listed on Google for free. You can add new links to your page and customize it to show targeted keywords in the future so that you can drive targeted traffic to your site. 

Once a customer visits your page and is interested in your products or services, you can automatically add them to a mailing list for even greater exposure. And by increasing your visibility in the search results, you can increase your chances of getting more new customers without spending that much on lead generation.

6. No Need to Buy Advertising Space

If your website does not have to be purchased in order to have its content displayed on the page, you can save time and money on advertising. And with only one click, visitors will be able to view your website without needing to enter your information multiple times. Also, you get a better Google ranking without necessarily buying an advertising space


There are many benefits of using Google My Business for small businesses. Business owners can now have an account that allows them to manage their website using a variety of tools such as a search engine friendly design, a database of clients and a mobile application. They can use these tools to increase their traffic, boost their sales and improve their visibility in Google’s search engine results. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.