Appointment Card Template: 10 Free Resources for Small Business

Life can get really fast. When that happens, people find themselves caught up in busy schedules, which can make it hard to stay on top of their personal and professional lives.

The best way to ensure that your clients do not miss any important meetings, is by reminding them of their commitments to you. This is where appointment cards come to your rescue.

An appointment card should include some basic details relating to the meeting such as The date of the meeting, time and agenda of the meeting.

An ideal appointment card should be the same size as a standard business card so as to fit in a wallet. Once in your wallet, you can be sure to take it almost everywhere with you making reference easy.

However, designing a functional and polished appointment card for a small business from scratch can be costly and time consuming.

Do not fret.

There is an easier way to achieve professional quality appointment cards in minutes and for free too; by using free appointment card templates.

Why You Should Use an Appointment Card Template in your Business

Appointment card templates help you create personalized cards yourself within minutes. The templates are readily available online for download so you will need internet connection.

The templates are designed in a manner that makes it easy for you to modify them to come up with a card that suits your business’ needs.

If you have been looking for an appointment card template to use for marketing your business, I have compiled a list of 10 that can help you craft a customized appointment for your business:

Need an Appointment Card Template? Here are 10 Free Ones that You Can use to Land New Clients:

1.  Printable Appointment Card Template from

This appointment card is usually used by doctors since it comes with an embedded medical watermark.

If you work in the medical field, this card will come in handy in reminding you as well as your patients of any pre-arranged meetings.

This appointment template comes with a spaces for you to fill the agenda, date and time of the meeting.

It also helps that this cards fit into the holder’s wallet and they can also be used as the backside of most business cards, Avery brand business cards included.

This template offers free, easy to download, print and use appointment cards.  

2.  Green Appointment Business Card Template by Avery

This simple appointment card comes in green. This editable template allows you to edit the card’s font but not the background.

The card only comes with two blank spaces to fill in the appointment date and time. This template comes with 10 cards per page and the card sizes are not resizable.

If you are just looking for a basic appointment card, you will love this template. But if you prefer to have a more detailed card, this is not it.

3.  Blank Editable Appointment Card Template from Spreadsheet 123

This simple appointment card template comes with a fully editable appointment card in a word document page.

The provider requests you to share the template on social media, which is a small price to pay for using the template.

Furthermore, sharing is optional so you can skip that part if you would rather not spread the word.

The template comes an editable business name section, making it easy for you to customize it to your business.

It also has the agenda, the person(s) to see, date and time sections, all of which you can edit to suit your preferences.

This template includes a section to include your small print information and you can minimize or expand the size of the card as you wish.

The best part is that gives you this editable card absolutely free.

 4.  Appointment Card Template for Microsoft® Word

This is yet another Microsoft word appointment card template. This cute template comes in a light pink heading font and lime body font.

It is eye catching and playful, which makes it ideal for those in the hospitality industry. If you are looking for something less playful, you can always change the font and the font color.

The card is very simple coming with only two blank sections for you to fill in the appointment date and time.

If you are just looking for a functional card, you will love this template. You might also be impressed to know that a single download gets you 8 cards!

5.  Editable Appointment Card Template from Dotx42®

This colorful appointment card template comes with yellow and blue binding.  With a single download you get 6 fully editable appointment cards.

This template comes with a space for you to fill in the name of the card holder and the date of the meeting.

This template is highly simplified making it only functional for a business that does not give frequent appointments.

If you work in a hospital or beauty parlor, you might want to get a more detailed card.

6.  Appointment Card Template via Word Templates Bundle

This template comes an already designed appointment card that follows all the standard rules of an appointment card.

The card has the meeting’s agenda, the time the meeting commences and the schedule. This card can be resized to get a perfect size according to the user’s needs.

It is however advisable that you keep the size small enough to fit in a wallet for convenience purposes.

This fully editable template comes with a section for you to fill in the meeting’s agenda, date, day of the week, proposed meeting time and the schedule.

You can download this template online for free and modify it to meet your needs.  What’s more, a single download gets you 9 cards, making the process fast and easy.

7.     Appointment Card Template from Word Templates Pro

This editable Microsoft word compatible appointment card template is simple and straight forward to use.

The card comes with a section where you can enter your business name, helping it blend in easily with other business material.

It also comes with a unique feature that you will not find in most appointment cards but one that can be very useful; a contact address section.

Here you not only enter your location but your phone number too, which helps the card holder find you easily.

Having your contact details on your appointment card makes it more that an appointment reminder but a marketing tool too.

Unfortunately, having your contact information on the face of the card means that you are left with limited room to enter the appointment specifics.

This card only has one blank section for you to enter the meeting date and time. This template leaves room for you to enter any small print information if need be. 

8.  Appointment Card Template 1 by Template Trove

Template Trove offers two appointment card templates labeled template 1 and template 2. Template 1 comes in three formats; InDesign, Corel Draw and Publisher.

These appointment cards also come in five different colors that you can choose from depending on your preference or the one that blends best into your brand. The colors are black, blue, purple, green and red

Template 1 comes with a space for you to fill in the meeting agenda or holder’s name and the name of the person the client is to meet with.

It also has blank spaces for the meeting date and time as well as a list of the days, Monday through to Saturday, which you circle accordingly.  This template leaves room for you to enter any small print information if need be.

9.  Appointment Card Template 2 by Template Trove

This is the second appointment card template from Template Trove. Just like template 1, template 2 also comes in three formats;

InDesign, Corel Draw and Publisher. This template also comes in five different colors that you can choose from depending on your preference or the one that blends best into your brand. Template 2 also comes in black, blue, purple, green and red.

Unlike template 1, this template is simple with only three blank spaces to accommodate the meeting agenda or card holder’s name, date of the meeting and the time.

This template also allows you to include a line of small print text.

10.  Surgery appointment Card Template by Generate

This creative appointment card template designed by Generate is great for businesses that deal with kids.

Unfortunately, this card is only available in Pdf, which makes editing a problem. This coupled with the text that directs card holders to call the issuing surgery limit its use to hospitals.

However, the graphics on the card are unique and eye catching enough to earn this template a spot in our list.

Having customized appointment cards as a business tool not only ensures that you show up for a meeting but also reminds you of follow up appointments, if any.

Furthermore, giving your clients appointment cards boosts your corporate image and helps remind them about those appointments.

Although the main role of an appointment card is to act as a reminder for a pre-arranged meeting, you can also use them to keep track of appointment, especially in busy firms.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.