Advice on Finding the Right Digital Printer for your Business

Planning to buy a printer in the next few weeks? Are you confused about which model to buy because of so many variations? Well, it all comes down to a few factors that help to decide on which digital printer is the best. If you need advice on finding the right-digital-printer, here are some of the things that you should consider:

1. Laser or inkjet printers

Where will you use the printer? That’s the main question you need to answer. If all you want is monochrome prints, you can go with laser printers. They are cheap, they print satisfactorily, and the per-page print cost is quite low. You will often see these printers in offices. On the other hand, if you require high-quality prints for projects or printing pictures, you should select inkjet printers. In fact, most people use inkjet printers because of premium print quality. 

These Chromebook compatible printers can print almost anything; glossy photos, monochrome prints, pie charts, essays, etc. Their printing speed is significantly higher than laser printers, but the overall cost per page is more. Also, laser printers have a higher page yield. So, you will have to frequently change the cartridges of an inkjet printer as compared to laser printers.

2. Resolution

Again, where and for what purpose will you use the printer? This answer will help to find the best digital printer available in the market right now. Different models of printers have different resolutions. The more the resolution, the better the print; that’s how it works with digital printers. Some of the printers have resolutions down at 360 dpi. These are best for black and white prints where you don’t require a high-quality print. You can use these printers in offices to take out regular documentation printing.

On the other hand, if you want high-resolution photos, you need to invest in a printer with a higher dpi. Ideally, an average digital printer with significantly high-quality print capability has a minimum of 1200 dpi. You will often see them in photography stores. They print satisfying pictures and fine art. You can also choose from the higher-end models that have 2880 dpi.

3. Connectivity

How do you want to connect the printer to your device? Or, which device will you use with the printer? Is it a desktop, a laptop, a mobile, or a tablet? If you are one of those who believe in wireless connections, there are plenty of digital printers out there that will connect with your tablet, laptop, or mobile via wif-fi. However, no internet means no prints. So, beware.

Instead, you can get prints all the time as long as there is electricity and ink in the cartridge if you get a wired printer. However, they will not connect to your tablet or mobile phone. So, decide which device you will use the most with your printer. This advice on finding the right digital printer will only work if you can confirm your device.

4. Print size

What will you print? Office documents, projects, regular paperwork, etc? Or maybe something bigger, such as posters, canvas, or pictures? If it’s for official purposes, then a regular printer will do just fine. You have a wide number of models to choose from. Select depending on your budget, the approximate number of prints you require daily, and the average resolution that will suit your printing needs.

On the other hand, there are bigger models for printing canvases and photographs. They are more expensive and have higher resolutions. 

Now that you have got all the advice on finding the right-digital-printer, go find one that suits your daily requirements. Compare the features and price to buy the best model.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.