A Guide To Hiring Resume Writing Services

What can really be the deal-breaker in getting selected for a job interview and ultimately connecting well with the potential employer is a well-written resume. However, writing a resume can be rather challenging. If you are struggling to get your resume in an appealing fashion and have a low response rate for your applications, or even if you just think your resume needs a few tweaks, you could benefit from the service of a resume writing service.

Resume writers are able to create a resume that is professional and shows the skills and qualifications of the individual. Keep in mind that the resume writer has the same goal that you have; to get you hired. Such a paid professional will either create a brand new resume for you or revise the one that you have already made. How much you will pay for such a service depends on what you need, as well as the credentials of the writer.

How To Choose A Good Resume Writing Service

Firstly, you need to review the website of the professional resume writing services you are considering to make sure that they seem professional. The site should clearly outline the fees and advise you on the process of the service. Check out any testimonials which are on the site as well as website endorsements. If there are no testimonials you can request references. You can also check out Google and LinkedIn for online reviews.

Ask for samples of previous resumes so that you can get a sense of the type of quality you can expect from the writer.

Consider whether the samples are clear and easy to understand. Ask yourself about whether the career goals and industry of the candidate are clear and so forth.

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If you really want to get your career moving in the right direction, getting a polished resume is very important. Check out the credentials of the service you are considering.

It is the recommendation of career and resumes experts to opt for a resume writer who is certified and professional.

On Craigslist and other online sites you can find plenty of people who advertise the services of a resume writer, however, this doesn’t mean that they all are qualified and actually understand what needs to be done to make a success of a resume. Check out ay writers you are considering.

Various Available Certifications:

CPRW – Certified Professional Resume Writer

MRW – Master Resume Writer

CERW – Certified Expert Resume Writer

NRWA – National Resume Writer’s Association

Have good contact with any potential writers to see if you have a good rapport. You need to feel comfortable with your writer. If you are not honest from the start you will have a difficult time in crafting a successful resume.

Once you have found a few sites that spark your interest you will need to shortlist them down to one good fit. Invest time in speaking with potential writers and check out their references. Talk to them about their experience as well as their qualifications.

Once you have made your choice you need to ensure that the writer spends sufficient time interviewing you so that they can create content which is authentic and defensible if you are called for interview.

At the end of the day, a great resume may get you an interview, but if it doesn’t match your credentials it won’t get you the job.

Get Yourself A Guarantee

Make sure that someone from the writing service will get to know you enough that they can create a resume that not only has an appealing look but also accurately reflects you as a person and the background you have in the industry. Cookie-cutters resumes and such like services should be avoided. What will be a success for someone in technology will not be the same for a professional accountant’s profile.

Ideally, you want a writing process that will include an interview and the chance to touch base after the first draft has been created. A satisfaction guarantee makes sure that the process doesn’t result in you being unhappy with your final resume.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.