8 Great Ways to Become a Likable Person at Work

Being a good and likable employee is important, not only for your superiors but also for your colleagues. After all, your colleague will be the one who can help to back you out, if a certain issue arises.

Moreover, working in a fun environment where you can have a good relationship with everyone in it can also be the ultimate reason you stay energized to work every day. Can you imagine having to work among people who don’t like you? A total nightmare! Working is by nature not fun, but your working condition and the people around you can be the reasons it becomes fun and exciting!

Keep on reading to learn what you can do to be a likable person in your office easily.

Work Well and Don’t Burden Other Colleagues

The first thing that you should do, if you want to be liked by many people in the office, is to make sure you work well and don’t bother people. Whatever work is within your responsibility, you must complete it yourself. This is because everyone has their own responsibilities and workload in the office. 

So if you want to be liked, you should never add to their burden by asking them to help you out for simple tasks, or to do your work for you. You can ask them about what you can do to fix a problem, but never dispatch your work to them. That way they will be happy to be close to you! Remember, there is a big difference between asking for help and pushing your work off to others.

Don’t Forget to Greet Your Co-worker

Upon arriving at the office, many of us immediately put down our bags, turn on the computer and then sink into the bustle in front of the screen. Well, it does not mean that it is wrong, but keep in mind that you should also greet your coworker to establish a connection.

Say hello and give a smile to them, before starting to work. For the sake of being a more pleasant person, always try to greet at least 1 of your co-workers before getting busy. If your co-worker is the first to reach out to you, saying hello back can help establish a friendlier work atmosphere – and it doesn’t take longer than a second or so!

Never Be a Two-faced Person

If you want to be liked by many people – be it in the office or other places, you must remember to never be a two-faced person. Better to be outspoken than two-faced. If you don’t like what your coworker does, you can let them know gently. But don’t just smile and say it’s okay, but you gossip behind their back with others. This attitude is the ultimate reason why people can hate you, and it can also jeopardize your career in the future.

Always Show Respect to Others

Regardless of how long and how high your position is in the office, it is very important to maintain a respectful attitude toward people from any level. Always say “please” and “thank you”, these two words look simple but can have a tremendous impact. Through these words that you always say, your coworker will know you as a humble and grateful person. Remember, the key to being a likable person lies in ethics and attitude.

Open-minded and Fun to Talk About Anything

Being liked by many people in the office is not a difficult thing, one way is to be a pleasant person to talk with. Being a fun and responsive person certainly makes most people feel comfortable with you, even right away after they meet you! Find similar interests with your co-workers, read up on current events or the latest pop culture hits, or simply listen when others talk about certain topics. This will open more conversations within the office!

Compete in a Supportive Manner

Everyone definitely wants to move forward and get promoted, but if you cheat and compete dirty then you will become enemies with everyone in the office. Competing is fine as long as it’s supportive and doesn’t bring anyone down. That way people will respect you.

Set Aside Time for Lunch Together

Lunch is often the only time for casual interaction between co-workers.  Unfortunately, sometimes busyness makes us lose this opportunity. Due to work, you might prefer to deny the lunch invitation and choose to eat in front of your desk while still trying to get the job done. This is the ultimate definition of shouldn’t do!

No matter how busy you are, always try to set aside time for lunch with other colleagues. Having lunch together can help you to be closer to your co-workers, and the casual conversations that you have can also strengthen relationships. On top of that, having lunch out is also a great way for you to take a break after a hectic morning!

Don’t Be a Slob

Keeping your personal work area clean is also important to showcase your personality, and make you a likable person. The reason is that office conflict can often arise due to misplaced or missing documents, and if you don’t keep your area tidy and clean, this can easily happen – and cause a rift between you and co-workers.

Even if your company has hired the best office cleaning company, it does not mean that you are free from the responsibility of keeping your work area clean. Don’t let documents and personal items be scattered around the desk. Put each item in its respective storage, and don’t forget to give a name label on it. Thus, you can easily find everything you might need.

Working is not just about arriving early, facing the computers, earning as much money as possible, then going home when it’s closing time. You are not a robot that can work like a machine. There are still people around you who you need to interact with. The ultimate way to have the best working experience can only be achieved if you are liked by your colleague!

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