7 Reasons Why Renting Is Better Than Buying

With buying and selling increasing at a rapid rate in the business industry, it’s no wonder warehouses are overstocked and warehouse owners are troubled with the thoughts of purchasing new warehouses or renting them. If your current warehouse is overcrowded and congested because it is madly packed with all your products, then congratulations, you are now the owner of a clogged warehouse. Clustered warehouses are a common plight faced by owners. But don’t worry because lucky for you, your indecision ends here. 

The debate of whether to buy or rent has been ongoing with each side dictating their own pros and cons. Before you make the hasty decision to invest a large chunk of your money on buying a warehouse, just know that over here, we support the idea of renting a warehouse. If you ask for reasons, here are a few great ones as to why renting a warehouse is a far greater decision to make rather than a permanent investment of buying a warehouse! 

Cost Effective!

Do you like the idea of saving money? If yes, then guess what? Renting is far more cost effective than buying an entire new warehouse! Renting a warehouse will excuse you from maintenance and repair charges! And if that’s the case, then why not invest the bucks you have saved into other places? You can use that saved up money however you like and who doesn’t want that? Renting is great because it saves money and time which are two of the most important key factors that contribute to business productivity. If your money and time is invested efficiently, there is no doubt that your warehouse will be operating productively! Plus we all know that the responsibilities of being an owner is a tedious task, but luckily it won’t be yours! 

Access to Valuable Resources

Renting your own warehouse can get you access to great resources utilized by third-party logistics providers. Valuable resources will include advanced equipment and technology, sophisticated warehouse management system, inventory management, automated order fulfillment process, tracking, customizable racking system and many more. The warehouse will also provide highly trained personnel who are capable of providing a wide range of logistics services. These types of employees are excellent at handling inventory with great care so don’t worry, your inventory is in very cautious and good hands.


One of the best parts of renting is that if the warehouse is dissatisfying you, or you’re just not feeling it anymore, you can leave without having to sell it. And who doesn’t like the idea of avoiding the tangled buy and sell process? This is one major dilemma warehouse owners have to face when their warehouses exceed maximum capacity, and they need to buy or rent new ones. Lucky for you, you can pay the rent and say Adios! You don’t like the space anymore? You can leave. You don’t like the location anymore? Save that interior money and leave! The world is your oyster! You can reap all its benefits while you have it, and as you see your business booming, you can choose to move to a bigger space instead of renewing your lease! It may sound harsh but you’ll be winning.


The best part of renting is that there is a variety to choose from. Variety in location, size and other important amenities and even equipment. You can choose whichever warehouse you would like to rent, or whichever warehouse suits your convenience. This great opportunity is only for renting, not for buyers.

It is also flexible in the sense that if you rent warehouses, you can operate your businesses from different locations since you won’t have to pay the sizeable deposit, maintenance and upkeep costs for each new location.

Sit Back and Relax!

When you rent you will have a landlord or a property management company taking care of the general building maintenance, allowing you time for yourself. This frees you from a lot of hassle and responsibilities. You’d be able to use that extra time for your relaxation or to generate innovative ideas for the business. 

Explore the Horizon!

Since your peripheral expenses are cut down due to renting, you can now think of expanding your business globally without having to invest capital on facility space. You can invest in your transportation, channel of distribution, better suppliers and so much more. And you know what that means right? Better investment leads to more Cha-ching!

More space!

If your company needs extra space in your main headquarter, then great because you have a rented warehouse to clear your office square footage! You won’t have to invest in any new building because you can store in your rented warehouse! Take all that extra furniture, piles of boxes lying around, or anything that is taking up space in your office and go leave it in your warehouse. A rented warehouse will eliminate investment in a new building as well as expenses of property taxes, insurance equipment and other resources.

These 7 reasons should be enough to convince you as to why leasing is always a better option for business owners. Leasing a warehouse compliments all sorts of business owners. Whether you own a million dollar company or you run a mid-level store in town, you will be saving a huge portion of your money by avoiding maintenance costs, a down payment, and repairs. At the same time, you have the opportunity to move around if you don’t like the current location. Renting a warehouse is a lower risk choice and with a landlord doing your maintenance work, you can finally use that free time you’ve been craving. There are a lot of warehouses that are cheap with superior facilities in India, it can be a wise decision to review warehouse rent in india.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.