7 Features Have Proved the Usefulness of Yoga Studio Software

Efficient running of a yoga studio needs coordination between scheduling, class management, marketing, accounting, class attendance, sales, payment processing, inventory management, payroll management, staff management, documentation, and many more tasks. How are you keeping in the coordination of all these tasks? Are you using multiple software for it?

If the answer is yes then an online software is present which can coordinate the processing of all these activities. A Yoga Studio Management Software is specifically designed to coordinate and manage the operations of a yoga studio. Great software has some fundamental elements which are very beneficial for the survival of your business.

  • Cloud Computing Capability:

It is web-based software. You just have to log in through your account to manage the entire yoga studio through the web. No need to download multiple applications to overload the processor of your system. 

  • Centralization of Yoga Studio:

Is it easy to compile each piece of information from different types of software? Surely not. By using this software, you can easily integrate all types of software you were previously using to have all types of information at a centralized location. 

  • Automatic Completion of Tasks:

The more your tasks get completed automatically the more time you get free time to focus on important tasks. Your basic goal is to fill all your classes and this software can perform almost all tasks automatically which play a vital role in making your classes full.

Useful Features of Yoga Studio Software:

  1. Yoga Classes Scheduling:

Online scheduling is a very customer-friendly feature of the Wellyx. This software has a record of the vacancies available in each class and when this space gets full it keeps other students on the waiting list. It lets your students self-manage their entry system by using their ID cards. 

If you prefer physical sign-in sheets then you can get a print out of online sheets for your record from the software. To keep track of class attendance, physical attendance is not needed. When your students scan their ID’s, this software records their entry time and exit time. 

  1. Easy to Schedule Classes:

Isn’t it soothing for your students to just drag and drop your service in an online basket? Clients can easily view the timings and details about the instructor of a class. A clear view of the schedules of your students allows you to determine which classes have more attendance and on which you have to work more to get full attendance of the classes.

  1. Enrollment Options:

If you want to offer more than just yoga classes use Yoga Studio Management Software. It will give the flexibility to students to enrol for all types of events of the yoga studio.

  • Easy to enrol for different courses which yoga studios offer.
  • A seminar which yoga studios arrange for enhancing your fitness knowledge.
  • The yoga studio offers multiple payment packages and software accepts payment according to your payment packages.
  • Students and managers can easily see the payment status through this software.
  1. Processing of Payments:

It is easy to integrate your debit card and credit card with the software, it will save your information and also schedule your payments as per the payment plan.

 By linking your software with multiple payment options, you can generate the financial statement at any time.

  1. Online Store:

This software develops an online store for you at which your students and prospective clients can see your recent offerings, details of classes, and the products which you are offering related to fitness. They also have an option to search for their favourite product or class online. The more you facilitate consumers the more are the chances to have an increase in revenue.

  1. Gift Card Setup Option:

Gift cards have proved themselves very attractive for consumers. So why don’t you prefer to sell your gift cards? Not only you can earn more revenue and can also attract more consumers. In Software to Manage Yoga Studio, you can create gift cards for your yoga studio. There are other benefits that this software provides you except creating your gift cards. 

  • Option of prepaid gift cards.
  • Easy to track the account balance of students.
  • Easy to load gift cards with a flexible amount of money.
  • Sell your gift cards online.
  1. Account Management of Yoga Studio:

In cloud computing software you can create accounts of both you and your students to which you and your clients have easy access. In this way, you and your students can easily track attendance, purchases, profiles, and referrals. Isn’t it convenient for you and your students?

Concluding Comments:

Your yoga studio needs to be managed in a modern way to reap the benefits of today’s market. Only yoga studio software is a tool that can manage your studio in a modern way. Take yourself out from outdated methods and start enjoying the perks of a new method.

Heron Nelson

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