7 Best Effective Ways To Make Team Meetings Engaging

Meetings are common in a working environment, be it in-person meetings or online meetings. Whether to discuss the details of a new project, give client feedback, address issues, or enhance one-on-one interactions, different types of conferences are often held. Due to that, sometimes your team members may feel tired from attending constant meetings, which can significantly affect overall productivity. 

An excellent method to boost team engagement and keep team members involved from beginning to end is to try something new while holding meetings. It is best to get the discussion started in a lighthearted and enjoyable manner to engage team members and boost their energy to make the meeting productive.

How To Make Team Meetings More Engaging And Productive 

Check out the below ideas that will help you engage your team members so that they can concentrate more on the meetings, utilize their complete skills, and work energetically. 

  • Ice Breaker Questions 

In particular, ice breaker elements are an excellent approach to start a conference for remote teams. There are many different icebreaker exercises, but an effective one usually involves a question or chat. In order to engage team members in offline and online meetings, it is best to employ icebreaker questions like asking about their favorite food, well-liked aspects of their job, what they want to receive from companies as bonuses or rewards, etc. 

  • Food And Tasty Snacks 

Giving snacks and drinks before or in between meetings and letting all the members take what they like might help your employees feel energized, which can make them more attentive or responsive during the conference. If you can, try serving items that the majority of people could enjoy, such as fruits, chips, chocolate, iced coffee, latte, green tea, fruit smoothies, etc. 

  • Use Games 

Games can assist in dispersing a meeting’s tedium and provide your team members a break to relax their minds. You can select an online game linked to the conference’s topic or a regular game liked by the majority of the team. So, it is essential to remember to pick a game that everyone can participate in and enjoy.

  • Show And Tell Ideas 

Your team might display essential items to their colleagues individually or culturally through the show and tell sessions. It is a task that typically performs best after the conclusion of online events. Coworkers may choose to display living quarters, priceless items, or unusual discoveries they came across. It gives you the means to get to know your colleagues better, which has been demonstrated to increase psychological safety.

  • Start A Fun Debate

The team members can learn about various points of view and hone their debating skills by having a lively and enjoyable debate. Start a fun discussion, such as: Which is preferable, mint chocolate or mint ice cream, summer or winter, dog or cat, etc.? Considering the side each person favors, you should split them up into groups, and then each party can defend why their side is superior.

  • Meditation Break 

Offering a meditation break will assist your team in clearing their brain and regaining focus if you are hosting a long session. Your team members can do meditation or exercise that is directed by an online tutor or pre-recorded video with the goal of calming their tension and relieving stress. Think about furnishing the breakout space with gentle lighting, relaxing music, and inviting seats.

  • Include A Shoutout Section 

Set aside a portion of the meeting session for participants to mention their coworkers. Shoutouts are a fantastic technique to boost team morale and promote cooperation. It serves as a way to make your colleagues feel heard and seen so they can recognize how their efforts benefited the firm. 

Bottom Line 

Following the same meeting pattern can make it boring, and your team might not be enthusiastic about participating actively in the discussion. So, it is best to take some measures like those mentioned above to retain their interest and engage your colleagues in the conference.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.