IP Guardian Explains – Why Is Trademarking So Important

Protect your most valuable marketing tool with Sydney’s expert trademark attorneys IP Guardian.

SYDNEY, NSW, October 2022 – With over 20 years of experience in trademark law, IP Guardian delivers extensive knowledge and expertise for those seeking to protect their trademark from theft. Founder Barry Meskin hopes to impress on businesses why trademarking is so important and why implementing protective measures for your trademark is essential.

Trademark registration gives an individual the exclusive rights over a word, phrase, tagline or logo that they believe represents their business. Simply using a word, logo, tag line or phrase to identify a business does not determine ownership. Worryingly, a competitor may try to benefit from your reputation by copying your word, logo, tag line or phrase. This is known as trademark infringement.

To protect your business interests and stop others from profiting from your valuable reputation, you must register your trademark.

To eliminate this risk, IP Guardian offers services targeted toward the review, registration and protection of your trademark. These services are both affordable and reliable, making them accessible for businesses of all sizes.

Working in line with all current legislation and able to support business owners with patents and design registrations in addition to trademark registration, IP Guardian protects and defends clients both in Australia and overseas.

With a head office in Sydney, IP Guardian’s talented team of patent and trademark attorneys are available to help businesses across Australia’s East Coast. Welcoming enquiries from Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, IP Guardian makes it easier than ever to obtain qualified advice regarding your trademark registration.

The ever-evolving challenges presented by the digital world mean that implementing proper protection for your trademark and associated reputation has never been more critical.

Trademark infringement accounts for millions in lost revenue annually.

According to the online business-focused publication MarketingWeek:

“Some 85% of brands say they experienced trademark infringement in 2019, up from 81% in 2018 and 74% in 2017…The biggest consequence of trademark infringement is customer confusion – cited by 45% of brands. This is followed by loss of revenue (38%) and damage to brand reputation (37%).”

In consideration of these statistics, it is easy to see why IP Guardian has seen a vast increase in client requests for help in registering their trademarks.

Pursuing legal advice and putting protective measures in place is one of the single best investments a business can make towards deterring infringers. Failure to register your trademark can lead to significant losses.

In registering your trademark, IP Guardian:

– Works closely with clients on how to protect their trademarks both in Australia and overseas.

– Performs registrability and clearance searches to determine the uniqueness of your trademark. This ensures you are not accidentally infringing on an existing registered trademark.

– Formally registers Trademarks for exclusive proprietary rights over a name or image.

– Defends clients against any trademark infringements.

Know the risks and take steps to protect your valued trademark with IP Guardian.

IP Guardian is committed to offering affordable advice and representation without compromising on quality. Take advantage of a free initial consultation and benefit from fixed fee pricing on all core services.

“We are passionate about protecting consumer brands, especially those that design and manufacture in Australia. We guarantee that your trademark will get all the necessary reviews and attention for the ultimate protection of your business and its valuable reputation.”

– Barry Meskin, Founder of IP Guardian

Down to earth, genuine and exceptionally skilled, IP Guardians patent and trademark attorneys offer a level of service unmatched elsewhere.

Do not delay the registration of your trademark any longer.

IP Guardian is available for consultations via their website, by phone at 02 9071 0130 or by visiting their office. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.