6 Wardrobe Staples You Should Alter Before Starting a New Job

Starting a new job is very exciting. You want to look your best. You’ll want to get a good wardrobe together before your first day of work. These are the six important wardrobe staples you’ll need to get altered before you begin.

1- A Long Skirt

Skirts are the go-to item for many women. That is because they are easy to wear and work with so many other items. At the same time, a good skirt is one that fits well. You’ll want to get the length exactly right. With that in mind, you should make sure the long skirt hits between your mid calf and the tops of your ankles.

2- Your Jacket

As Chanel knew, a great jacket is one for the ages. It’s just right when you want to look professional at the office. With that in mind, you should have yours fitted correctly. The sleeves should hit to the wrist and go no further. The bottom of the jacket should graze the top of your waist or thighs. A good jacket that fits well is one way to keep to a polished image that says you are someone who knows how to dress properly.

3- The Black Skirt

Black skirts go everywhere. All women need to have ladies custom tailoring that helps them get the most out of their own black skirt. A good black skirt also has another advantage. It is easy to style. This is the kind of look that goes well with a casual look or something a bit dressier. That makes it easy to bring this one to the office and then head out on a date.

4- The Print Dress

The print dress is a must for anyone who is working today. That’s because this is one look that says easy and breezy during the warm months while still conveying an air of formality at the same time. You want at least one print dress in an understated print and something that is bolder. These dresses should be tailored to your exact body type. That will make it easy to move about your workspace all summer long.

5- Button Down Shirt

The button down skirt is another item all women should have on hand. This is one item that works well in nearly any setting. The crisp feel is a good option when you’re indoors doing a presentation for many clients. It is also a good look for when you want to head out for lunch and need to look sharp. Make sure the buttons are firmly fixed to the shirt for a well thought out outfit.

6- Work Shorts

Many modern businesses allow women to come to work wearing shorts. Shorts are a good way to keep cool. They’re also comfortable. A good tailored pair can look very fine when you want to stay professional but still add a bit of casual flair. At the same time, they can also be quite difficult to wear when you’re at the office for many hours each day. You should buy a pair that won’t ride up your legs or reveal too much as you are sitting down. If you have the bottom hemmed, this will keep the shorts from riding up when you’re in the office or during your commute.

Brett Sartorial

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