4 Ways to Use a BBQ Party as a Teambuilding Event

The summer is a wonderful season. It is a season that enables individuals to get together, throw swim parties, and grill out together as well. But it can also be a great time for teams at corporations and at small businesses everywhere. It can offer a wide variety of opportunities to help people come together, learn, and grow together.

Indeed, getting together with family, friends, and colleagues is all about discussion. Whether it be a discussion about business, politics, stock matters, ethics, values, or anything else. One common thing we mostly overlook is that these events are a team effort, especially when we consider a BBQ party as each individual contributes.

1- Communication Is Essential

One of the most important aspects of any team is communication amongst the members. There should ultimately be no communication gap between the members, and hence, the ideas should transparently reflect one another.

You can indeed use a barbecue event as a team-building event to communicate between your colleagues or employees. In addition to this, you can discuss any idea during the gathering and come up with creative solutions as the environment is different, casual, and less stressful. Hence, you can communicate over any current issue.

These types of events enable individuals to think and talk about their latest situations in the workplace or about future events. Indeed, thinking and working together on future events is important as it will allow the company to grow, thrive, and survive as the world changes.

A simple bbq party or a few of them over the course of the summer and other similar seasons can help people to slow down and really think about where the company is going, together.

2- Social Networking

You can surely turn a BBQ event into a team building event through social networking activity. You can do so by linking different team members on a whiteboard. The team members will create their avatars, and each member will draw lines to show how they know the other member of the gathering.

This can be one of the best activities to establish links and break the ice when people don’t know much about each other in a get-together.

3- Problem-solving at the Back of the Napkin

This is one of the most effective team-building activities which can be performed during a BBQ party. Problems are stated at the back of napkins, and the napkins are jumbled together. One of the napkins is picked up, and the solution to that problem is discussed. This activity encourages the participants to think beyond and out of the box and will surely give many new ideas.

4- Code of Conduct

This is one of the activities many entrepreneurs perform before building their respective teams, which can be performed at your BBQ party. In this event, the participants list the values essential for building a team to initiate a business or a venture. This activity will bring many people on a single plane and will bring consensus as well.

Brett Sartorial

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