6 Tips to Grow Your Field Service Sales

Growing your field service sales requires the right thinking, financial investment, hard work, and effective strategies. If you can optimize your business processes, you will be able to make the best use of your available resources. 

First, you would want to get more new customers. While getting new customers is important, you should also try to strengthen your loyal customer base. Indeed, it is often the loyal customers who are responsible for business growth. Not only do they make repeat purchases, they also spread the good word about your business.

Here are five more useful tips to increase your field service sales.

  • Grow Your Online Presence

It’s not enough to just have a website. People looking for the products or services you are offering must be able to find you. For this, your website needs to be search engine optimized. 

You should also have a strong social media presence on the various platforms to create brand awareness. This will help when your sales representatives approach the customers. Remember, most customers will choose you only if they know about you.

  • Understand Your Market

You must understand your customers to be able to devise suitable marketing strategies for them. You might already know who your target audience is, but you also need to go deep with a Y approach to narrow down your potential customers. Many businesses do not invest the time to dig deep into their sales funnel and do market segmentation and so lose out on a lot of customers. Don’t make the same mistake.

  • Invest in the Right People

A company’s success depends on its people. So, if you want to grow, you have to hire and train the right people. 

This means that, while hiring sales representatives, you shouldn’t just look to employ people who have great sales records. Your sales representatives are the face of your business and so must also be able to make a good impression on your customers.

It is true that you want to increase sales, but, instead of pushing sales tactics, your sales representatives could concentrate on improving customer satisfaction. This will likely increase your sales.

  • Increase Efficiency

Take a look at your current field service processes. Are your sales representatives reaching the customers on time? Could you reach more customers without hiring more salespeople?

You need to plan a route well to ensure your sales reps show up on time. If your salespeople only need to make a couple of stops, you could use Google maps. However, you would need an advanced driving route planner for multi-stop routing, especially when you have a lot of stops to assign.

Also, you should keep tabs on your sales representatives in real-time with a tracking system. In this way, you will know whether they are following the assigned routes or slacking off so you can stop them from wasting time. 

Another way to improve efficiency is to divide your service area into different territories and assign one sales representative to each territory. When each sales representative’s set of stops is closer together, it will reduce the strain on your employees which will make them more productive. 

  • Show Your Customers Appreciation

Make sure that your customers have an exceptional buying experience. Never forget that you’re only in business because of them. So, treat the customers well and offer perfect service to ensure each customer has a positive customer experience and wants to buy from you again. Happy customers may even share their stories with others.

You should also encourage these happy customers to post referrals and positive reviews online by offering them coupons and discounts. Sometimes, even a thank you mail may be enough. This is important. According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know and, according to Inc., 84% of people trust online reviews. 

  • Target Your Competitors’ Customers

Analyze your competitors thoroughly. See what they are doing wrong and try to use that to your advantage. Also, let your competitors’ customers know that you are there and try to sway them in your favor by establishing positive differences. 

Final Thoughts

By following the tips mentioned in this article and embracing advanced technology solutions, you can achieve growth in field service sales easily. Work hard, while making smart choices.

Anzhela Sychyk

Anzhela is a seasoned business journalist with a keen eye for spotting industry trends and a knack for explaining complex financial concepts in a clear and accessible way. With over 15 years of experience covering the world of finance and economics, Anzhela has established herself as a respected authority on all things business.