6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Scrimp On Your Logo Design

McDonald’s. Apple. Coca-Cola. Disney. Starbucks. What do all of these brands have in common?

Aside from being massive, multinational businesses, these companies also have recognisable logos. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll be able to identify their logos in a split-second. Therefore, the logic is simple. If you want to be a memorable brand in the future like these big names, you should invest in logo design.

Now you might be thinking: they’re big companies, so they can afford to spend big money on their branding. However, the truth is that even the smallest businesses can benefit from hiring reliable logo design services to create remarkable icons. Why? Here are a few reasons to convince you not to scrimp on your logo design.

First Impressions Last

In the world of business, first impressions do last. You only have a few seconds to make an impression, so you have to make it a good one. A professionally designed logo goes a long way towards communicating what your brand is all about to your potential clients.

A Good Logo Stands Out

Let’s face it: your business isn’t entirely unique. Most likely, you will be competing with tens or even hundreds of other companies. So how will you stand out? A good logo allows your business to make its mark. It can communicate what’s special about your company and brand among a sea of competitors. What’s more, a good logo says that you’re a serious and reliable name that customers can trust.

A well-executed logo also allows you to establish an identity early on. Just think of Apple or Google as examples. When you see the silhouette of the fruit or the colourful G, you immediately connect the visuals to their names.

Your Logo Symbolises Your Company

Speaking of identities, would you want your brand to be associated with a sloppy logo or a beautiful, expertly crafted one? Of course, it’s the latter, right? Your logo stands for your company and you want your company to be represented in the best possible way. In addition, a good logo also looks good on merchandise. If you ever decide to give gifts to your clients, for example, you won’t hesitate to put your brand’s logo on things like notebooks, mugs, or T-shirts. 

Humans are Visual Creatures

Some brands have come up with memorable taglines over the years. KFC has “Finger Lickin’ Good,” L’Oreal has “Because You’re Worth It,” and Nike has “Just Do It.” However, despite these unforgettable words, humans are still highly visual creatures. During tests conducted over a period of several days, it has even been found that the human brain can memorise about 2,000 images with at least 90 per cent accuracy. If this is the case, don’t you want to be remembered by your clients as an amazing company with an amazing logo?

It Can Establish Credibility

When you put in the effort in creating your company’s logo, it shows your customers that you care about quality, down to the smallest of details. In addition, a good logo maker can establish credibility and underscore your professionalism. Remember: humans are visual creatures. If they see a high-quality logo, they will likely associate it with a high-quality company and brand as well.

You’ll Save Time and Money

It will feel like a huge expense at first, especially if you’re a small organisation. However, hiring a design company to develop your logo and create a brand identity will actually save you time, money, and effort. For one, you don’t have to spend hours coming up with concepts, drafting the actual design, and making revisions. All of these will be handled by whichever best logo designing company you choose. This means you have more time for marketing, product development, and other business matters. Lastly, a good logo also gives you more return on investment. They may not be tangible things, but they’re nonetheless valuable. These include brand recall, positive associations, and loyalty.

In today’s world, the best brands are also great storytellers. A logo that’s specially made for your business can do a lot when it comes to telling your brand’s story with a single image. It can stir up emotions and start meaningful connections. But if you have a bad logo, you might not even spark interest at all.

Get in touch with a reliable design company today if you don’t yet have a logo or if you want to undergo a rebrand. It’s about time that you give your business a facelift and enjoy the benefits of a beautifully designed logo. 


Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.