How to Grow Your Small Law Firm the Right Way

It’s not easy being the head of a law firm. It requires keeping a close eye on the competition and the ability to make quick and definitive decisions. Every law firm wants to grow, but there’s a right way to approach expansion and a wrong way. 

You want to grow your small law firm in a way that is sustainable and profitable. How can you do this with your own firm? Read on and we’ll walk you through a few quick tips that should set you on the right path.

Utilize Your Team

No one can do everything all on their own, and that’s certainly true when it comes to expanding the business of your law firm. If you want to succeed and be a strong leader, you need to know how to delegate

If you’re handling all the interior work of your firm as well as the outward-looking business, you’ll likely combust before you hit your potential. Instead, it’s best to delegate administrative and financial tasks to certain individuals in your firm. Have only one person, whether it’s yourself or another employee, focused on expanding your reach.

When you spread the work out across many hands, it makes it easier for everyone. It also makes your goals more achievable.

Position Your Brand

One way to stand out from the competition in your area is to find a niche that you can target. One of the key elements of successful firm marketing is trying to reach a specific group of people as opposed to everyone at once.

Yes, you don’t want to pigeon-hole your business. But if there’s a specific area of law or type of case you want to highlight your firm as being experts in? It certainly can help attract a certain type of customer your way.

It’s worth looking into the 2020 marketing plan for law firms to see other ways that targeted marketing can advance your reach in the community. 

Scale up When Needed

Running a successful law firm is all about finding the proper balance. You don’t want to be too overstaffed or understaffed at any given time.

Become talented in the art of hiring new employees just before you really need them. It can be stressful to figure out how to budget for another lawyer, but it can be even more stressful to go through the hiring process when you need another hand right away.

It’s better to be proactive in your hiring and bring new blood at the moment it looks like extra work is on the horizon. You can always try to go and drum up more business once you have the extra hand on staff. 

Expanding Your Small Law Firm

You want to see your small law firm grow into a big one in the future. That means scaling up in the right way: sustainable and smart. The above tips can teach you how. 

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Adam Hansen