6 New Uses of AI to Improve Your Business Website

AI is a powerful tool that can be utilized to help improve user experience, refine search results, and provide recommendations. Many industries have recognized the power of AI, and it’s integrated into many online tools. 

AI can help you save time and resources, offer a better customer experience, and reduce expenses. Plus, AI will “learn” more about your website and user experience the more that it’s used, and the UX will get better and better.

The following are new ways you can integrate AI into your business website. 

1. Be More Customer-Focused

By using AI with surveys, you can directly receive customer responses and the frequency of survey activity. This will allow you to find out any particular attributes or qualities that motivate them to engage.

2. Boost Your Recruiting Efforts

Recruitment can be a daunting task due to the many applicants that must connect with your job posting. AI sourcing tools can be integrated into your website to help find all qualified candidates that might not have been aware of the position before. 

3. Improve the Quality of Your Proposals

“Offer your clients better service with AI integration. Instead of having to review proposals manually, machine learning can help to look at the cost, scope, and can choose whether to push the proposal ahead or to decline it right away. It can save a great deal of time, depending on the quantity of the paperwork that comes through daily,” remarked David Bressman, partner at Bressman Law.

4. Help Customers Find Things Faster with Voice and Visual Search

With current technology, it’s possible to introduce visual search into your website as a supplement to your current search function. This can be helpful when looking for unique items. Voice search directly impacts the ease of use for your website. The best AI will have conversational tendencies, it will be able to categorize visual qualities, and it will be able to organize visual aspects of your site. 

5. Use a Chatbot to Help Customers Around the Clock

If you want to improve your customer service without hiring someone to respond to chat queries, a chatbot could be your answer. Plus, if you get a lot of the same questions routinely that you have to spend time answering a chatbot can help expedite your time. 

It can even increase conversions by promptly taking care of common customer issues by asking your customers easy questions regarding why they are visiting your website. Since your shoppers won’t be frustrated from a long wait time, they’ll likely be happier, too. However, more than one kind of chatbot exists, and only chatbots that are run on AI will be able to learn more about your business as time goes on. Programmed chatbots can answer some questions, but aren’t as customizable as those based on AI.

6. Improve Your Analysis to Increase Sales

A thorough analysis can help you find out where the weak areas are so that they can be improved. While there are a variety of programs that can help analyze your data, programs that utilize AI can help move things up to the next level. Even the sales team can benefit from AI integration with prospect funnels to make things run faster and automatically. 

While AI is a relatively new development in technology, there are many ways that it can be leveraged to help your business grow fast. Among the most valuable is the fact that AI can get to know your audience over time and figure out precisely what they are looking for.

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