6 Must-Have PDF Tools

In the current digital age, we have witnessed a massive shift from handling stacks of paper to storing files and documents more digitally. This digitization process has made information easier to access and revolutionized the entire learning process. Moreover, the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic has made eLearning even more widespread.

As eLearning becomes the norm globally, it has become important to rely on numerous materials that aid in the preservation of educational information. A commonly used way of saving and sharing information is PDF that is an abbreviation of Portable Document Format. It not only applies to the educational sector, but PDF use is also widely adopted in official settings.

This is due to the numerous advantages it carries such as zero costs in most instances, its universal uses, compatibility with numerous devices and the fact that with PDF materials editing is limited thereby you maintain the original information. As the utilization of PDF files increases, so does the necessity to find numerous PDF tools increase.

PDF tools make handling PDF files an easy experience. Some examples of these tools are PDF converters, annotation tools without forgetting merge PDF tools. Fortunately, you can find these PDF tools online with so much ease. In this article, we’ll be enlightening you on the 6 PDF tools you need to have at hand. Read on…

Edit and Re-Use Lesson Plans

One thing with PDF materials is that they bar you from carrying out any unauthorized edits. While this may be a good thing as it prevents the chances of anyone manipulating your document, the challenge comes in when you intend to make some amendments on the document yourself. Often, teachers need to change or update content in their PDF notes before sharing the same with learners.

Luckily with the help of a PDF editor, editing and re-using lesson plans is possible. What’s more you can do it online using an online pdf editor and at virtually no cost when you search for how to “edit PDF online free”. An easy to use online pdf editor will allow you to upload the PDF file you want to edit and make the changes as you please before downloading an edited version.

Another option available for you is to use a PDF converter tool to change your PDF document into a word document, edit it and convert it back to PDF. So, next time you have lesson plans that you need to re-use in future, worry less about editing and put the PDF tools to good use.

Keep It Together with Merge Tool

Do you have numerous eLearning PDF materials that you would like to send as one document? We understand the hassle you would face if you chose to label the files differently and share them with your students. It can also be confusing to both parties. This is the instance the Merge PDF tool comes in handy.

The merge tool will allow you to keep things together by combining the many PDF documents into one well-organized, easy to read and understand. By using an online PDF editing software likeSmallpdf,ILovePDF or PDF Merge, you can easily merge your PDF documents.

Regardless of the device or platform you are using, a solution is always available. You can get a PDF editor app, PDF editor for PC or search for a “PDF editor Mac”. Advanced PDF editor apps such as Adobe Acrobat or Foxit have a detailed toolbar that gives you numerous functions. Avoid clutter by leveraging on the utilization of merge tools!

Save Time with a PDF to Excel Converter

With your busy schedule in whichever profession, whether a teacher or an accountant, it’s wise to capitalize on tools that make your work much easier and save time. One such tool is a PDF to Excel converter. This tool will make it simple to “edit PDF file,” but you must convert it into an Excel sheet that is editable first.

All you are required to do is upload your PDF file on the best PDF editor of choice that comes with an Excel Converter. It will be converted into an Excel document that you’ll download and easily make changes on. You will save lots of time by using an Excel converter instead of working on spreadsheets afresh every other time.

With this converter, you will spend less time working on official record documents. And in case you need to analyze data, this conversion will make it easier for you to get the data you require for your analysis.

Convert Your PowerPoint Presentation into PDF and Back

PowerPoint presentations offer an amazing way of conveying information to groups of people in corporate, educational, or religious forums. The incorporation of texts, pictures, and any other media makes PowerPoint presentations a great way to portray information in a way that is not only easy to understand but also quite aesthetically pleasing.

Within the digital learning space, PowerPoint presentations have been emulated as one of the effective teaching methods. Teachers have realized that organizing content into slides aids a learner’s comprehension in a big way. Those pitching for business also recognize how PowerPoint presentations play a big role in helping them close deals. As PowerPoint presentations become more embraced, the use of a PowerPoint to PDF converter also becomes prevalent.

The PowerPoint to PDF converter will allow you to share PowerPoint presentations in PDF to protect the document from undergoing any unwanted edits in its destination and improve its accessibility. Likewise, when you want to convert the PDF back to a PowerPoint and make changes on it, it is still workable. Having this tool will give you the freedom to tweak your PowerPoint presentation as the situation demands.

Mark What Matters with Annotation Tool

An annotation tool refers to a drawing or text tool that gives you an option to include additional information in your content. We understand that making edits on a PDF document is almost impossible but having annotation tools makes it doable.

By using an annotation tool, you can mark what matters in your document by highlighting text, underlining it, or striking through its contents. If you so wish, you may also add text boxes with additional information on why you feel certain information is important. With these tools you can also sketch something, sign a document, draw, or include shapes in it.

Next time you want to use annotation tools, you can go to an easy PDF editor and click on the icon written “highlight.” Make a decision on the kind of highlighter you want to use between the freehand one and one with text. Then pick the color and density of the highlight and move your cursor over the information you want to annotate. Once done, you can download your updated file.

Mobile Apps such as the ILovePDF have fantastic annotation tools too. Make use of annotation tools to highlight the details that really matter in your document.

To Sum Up

PDF tools are a fantastic way to inject efficiency into what you do. Try out the must-have PDF tools we have shared here today, and let us know your experience. It’s great to know that you can edit PDF files online by using a PDF text editor or any free PDF editor for more advanced edits like merging different PDF documents.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.