6 Manufacturing Industry Trends That You Should Know

Business owners working within various industries need top manufacturers in order to succeed. The best manufacturers constantly implement new manufacturing industry trends in fact, you can now use warehouse robots in your manufacturing process.. This is one of the most effective ways to overcome manufacturing challenges, creating new and innovative solutions. With that being said, business owners like yourself need to stay updated on current manufacturing industry trends. Those who do not, fail to partner with the best manufacturers. As a result, their competitors win over their potential customers. To ensure that you profit in your industry, read on and discover the top manufacturing industry trends for optimal services. 

Mind-Machine Interface

In the manufacturing industry, the concept of implementing mind-machine interface (MMI) is trending. Mind-machine interface enables a human-machine partnership. This benefits the manufacturing industry for numerous reasons. The industry cannot effectively operate on solely artificial intelligence because machines do not have the necessary thought processes that humans do. In contrast, humans make more errors than machines and, thus, the industry needs machines to function efficiently. By combining the two in MMI, manufacturers can produce higher quality products in a faster manner. For this reason, MMI is one of the best manufacturing industry trends to track as a business owner.

ERP Systems

Another manufacturing industry trend business owners should pay attention to is the use of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. As the name suggests, ERP systems assist manufacturers in their resource planning. When manufacturers obtain high quality resources, they provide high quality products to business owners. Your manufacturer should have the necessary inputs for their equipment to increase production line efficiency. Furthermore, ERP systems improve manufacturers’ customer-initiated audits. Because ERP systems affect manufacturers’ product quality and customer service, you should work with a manufacturer who has implemented one.

5G Implementation

Among the top manufacturing industry trends lies 5G implementation. This trend primarily improves manufacturing speed. The new technology allows workers to use devices remotely. If a manufacturer is off-site, but needs to operate a piece of machinery in order to deliver products on time, they can control the equipment from elsewhere with 5G. Therefore, 5G makes meeting even the tightest deadlines possible for manufacturers. Find a manufacturer who plans to implement 5G in their processes. 

3D Printing Innovations

Manufacturers can produce all types of products through 3D printing. The technology has advanced to include several materials including plastics, composites and metals. 3D printers are changing processes for metalworking machinery, lowering the costs for customizations and additional fabrications. According to Machinery Network, “the innovations in 3D printing technologies has led to an increase in demand for used and OEM equipment.” Considering the opportunity for higher capacity and lower costs, partner with manufacturers who are working with the latest 3D printing technologies.

B2B2C Model

Also, choose a manufacturer who is making the shift from a B2B model to a B2B2C model. The business-to-business-to-customer model is one of the best manufacturing industry trends because it increases the manufacturer’s knowledge about customers. Since you thrive to please your customers as a business owner, you should favor the B2B2C model. While increasing customer satisfaction boosts profits, the model makes business owners more money in another way as well. You no longer have to purchase products at wholesale prices. Instead, you obtain the manufacturer’s suggested retail price and increase your profits even more. 

Drone Usage

More manufacturing professionals are utilizing drones to improve their operations as well. Similar to other manufacturing industry trends, drones expedite the manufacturing processes. They do so through their means of navigation. Workers can receive machine functionality updates in real-time through navigating drones. The high-tech devices provide insight into operations taking place in various locations at once. Thus, manufacturers use them to find the best materials too. There are plenty of examples of companies using drones to streamline their manufacturing processes. With the help of drones, manufacturers can provide business owners with top-notch products.

To ensure that you work with an exceptional manufacturer, stay up to date with the top manufacturing industry trends. Then, you can choose a manufacturer who implements the best processes with innovative technologies that increase capacity while lowering costs. Mind-machine interface provides manufacturing professionals with a combination of human and machine processes. ERP systems assist in discovering the highest quality materials. With 5G, professionals can expedite operations and meet deadlines. Manufacturers who use a B2B2C model increase business owners’ profits. Finally, drones allow for real-time insight into machine functionality. Use these manufacturing industry trends for optimal services to find the best manufacturer for your company.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.