6 Incredible Ways to Improve Customer Experience

Customer experience [CX] is the impression that business leaves with a customer, resulting in how they think of the brand across the customer life cycle. The customer experience can either make or break your business.  According to the Temkin Group, a reasonable increase in CX can generate an average revenue increase of $820 million over three years for a company with $1 billion in annual revenues. 

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Bad customer experience can cost your brand a significant amount and can tarnish your reputation.  Improved CX can help your business see tremendous growth. Using the following tips and a retail content management system can help you increase your customer experience, and better your brand overall.

The following are some of the incredible tips you can implement to improve your customer experience. 

  • Create a well-defined customer experience vision

One of the best ways to improve your customer experience is to have a clear vision that you can communicate with your employees. You can define this vision by creating a set of statements that act as guiding principles. Once you have put these principles in place, they will drive your company towards the desired behavior. Every employee should know and master these principles. In addition to that, the principles should be implemented in all areas of training and development.

  • Understand your audience and create buyer personas

After creating a clear vision, the next thing is to understand your customers. Who are they and what are their motivations? If your company really wants to understand the customer needs and wants, then they connect and empathize with the situations that the customers are facing. 

You can achieve this by segmenting your customers with the help of market research tools. Once you have information about each customer, you can then create buyer personas. Give each persona a name and personality. For example, Robert is 30 years old: he is tech-savvy and can follow a video tutorial, whereas Max is 25 years old, and he is saving to buy a car. The personas can help your support team in recognizing who your customers are and understand them better. 

  • Operate an open and transparent business

Your business should be as open and transparent as possible and it should extend in dealing with customers and employees as well. Transparency and openness in business are crucial in building customer trust. According to experts, customer trust has a significant effect on the customer experience. In your effort to improve customer experience, the more transparent and open-minded your business is, the better. You should also ensure that you manage your customers’ expectations by displaying all crucial information clearly.

  • Deliver a consistent experience

Over 90% percent of customers expect a consistent interaction throughout the channels. As much as your customers want to connect with your company on various channels, they also expect the experience to be consistent in every channel. For you to avoid confusing interactions and maintain a flawless user experience on all channels, you must perform uniformity. 

However, creating a consistent experience goes beyond uniformity. Consumers want you to keep your promises. If you offer 24/7 service with less than three minutes of wait-time when wooing new clients, you should also deliver on that once they finally become your customers. Consumers will always respect that about your brand, and you shall have improved their experience. For easy customer experience management, you can outsource customer service from your trusted company. 

  • Personalize! Personalize

Today’s customers expect personalization more than ever. In fact, through a study, 45% of people said they were willing to wait longer just to get a personalized product or service. 77% of them said they were willing to pay more for a brand that provides a personalized service or experience.

Make sure that your communications are personalized to a particular customer you are contacting. Personalized experience entails calling your customers by their right name, collecting data based on past transactions with your company, and using that to personalize your messages. You can also personally follow-up to survey responses. 

  • Improve your customer service

Customer service has a significant role when it comes to customer experience. Customers not only buy your products or service because they meet their needs; they also buy them because they know they can get proper customer support if needed. 

Customers can purchase more and remain loyal to a particular brand for long if they experience great service. You can improve customer experience by offering many support channels and optimizing wait and response duration.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.