6 Great Ways to Motivate Your Employees

An unmotivated workforce is a liability that no business can afford to overlook. Finding ways to keep employees focused, engaged and striving to reach new personal and professional heights is one of the hallmarks of effective leadership. A few helpful tips, tricks and ideas can make it much easier to ensure that your employees remain well motivated and driven to succeed.

  1. Cultivating the Right Culture, Atmosphere and Environment

Motivation and enthusiasm levels will typically ebb and flow due to any number of factors. While you may not always be able to control every situation, creating and maintaining a positive atmosphere will provide you with a powerful and effective motivational tool, one that may continue to deliver results regardless of other factors and concerns. Taking steps to improve morale and working to ensure that your staff, employees and associates are happy with their position and committed to the company could end up making a world of difference.

  1. Setting Goals and Establishing Benchmarks

Providing workers with a goal or series of goals to overcome can also be an effective way to keep them focused and on-task. While setting the right goal can often net positive results, attempting to gauge motivation without first establishing performance benchmarks can prove to be more than a little difficult. Assessing the current performance, efficiency and productivity of your staff will provide you with the insight and understanding needed to set more effective goals.

  1. Encouraging Friendly Competition

Harnessing the competitive nature of your employees is another great way to boost performance and ensure that your staff remains driven to succeed. Pitting individuals, teams and even whole departments against each other can give your workers the added push they may need in order to meet or even exceed their goals. While a little friendly rivalry can be both healthy and beneficial, taking things too far could end up being detrimental to your efforts.

  1. Hiring a Motivational Speaker

A simple speech, pep talk or presentation can also be an effective motivational tool. While not every manager, executive or team leader may possess the oratory skills needed to give a stirring motivational speech, there are plenty of speakers-for-hire who may be more than equal to the task. Hiring a motivational speaker may be an ideal solution when attempting to resolve a specific obstacle or for generating enthusiasm ahead of a product launch, expansion or other special event.

  1. Games and Incentives

Once achieved, keeping motivation from flagging can be a challenge all its own. Office games and contents that may allow the most diligent and motivated workers to win prizes, rewards and other incentives can be a valuable asset, especially when for employees who are dealing with monotonous tasks or taking on a thankless job. Keeping things fun, lively and engaging could go a long way towards improving the mood and lifting the spirits of your staff.

  1. Personalizing Your Approach

Every professional is a little different and not all workers will respond to various motivational strategies and efforts in the same way. Getting to know your staff and making an effort to personalize your approach to motivating your employees may allow you to achieve superior results. Being able to identify, address and to ultimately overcome any of the obstacles and hang-ups which may be affecting each individual can eliminate potential bottlenecks that might otherwise impair the performance of the entire team.

When properly motivated, your staff becomes an indefensible resource. Dealing with any issues that may be eroding workplace morale or making it difficult to cultivate the right workplace culture or seeking out the bonus programs and other rewards that may help to provide additional motivation for your workers could have a real impact on their performance. Effective leaders understand the importance of motivation and will do whatever it takes in order to ensure that their underlying and employees remain focused, committed and driven to succeed.


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