6 Creative Ways to Distribute Business Cards For Exposure

Business cards have been used for decades. They are a great way to give potential clients your information, which is handy when they need it. There are also many great ways to market your business’ products and services with business cards as well. 

Below are some unique ways to distribute your business cards to gain more exposure for your brand.

1. Previous Clients

The most popular way to market using your business cards is to give them to past clients. People who have used your products and services happily can be the best ambassadors for your company. 

Give them plenty of your cards to hand out to potential clients. Provide them with an incentive for helping you by offering them discounts on your products and services if they send in new referrals. Because you will be giving out many cards for this idea, look for discounts on business card printing online to make the most out of the situation.

2. Bulletin Boards

These may seem like a thing of the past, but many businesses and organizations still have active bulletin boards that they use. This can be a great place to leave your business cards to find new clients and customers. 

When you first consider it, you may think they are often too crowded to be worth the time and effort. However, many people will dig through the posted information to find something that really interests them. Common places that have bulletin boards to scope out include:

– Churches
– Grocery stores
– Community centers
– Laundromats
– Libraries
– Gyms
– Chambers of Commerce

3. Food Courts in Malls

Oftentimes, it can be hard to find places where a large number of your target customers frequent. When it comes to malls, the crowds are often very diverse. This makes it a great place to put some of your cards for exposure of your products and services. As a bonus, the food court is a great place to leave some of your cards on the tables for people to see. If they seem interested, they will pick them up. If they are not interested, they will leave them for another diner to see.

4. Banks and ATMs

If you’re looking for an area that has high traffic to place your business cards, the bank is a given. People from all walks of life use banks and ATMs. 

Ask the bank manager if they would allow you to leave a stack of your business cards in the waiting area. You can also leave a few by the ATM to be picked up.

5. Waiting Areas

People sitting long periods in waiting areas are typically bored and a captive audience. There are a few who can sit for any length of time without flipping through magazines and pamphlets available on the tables. This makes it an ideal place to leave some of your cards for people to pick up and read as they pass the time. Don’t miss some of these top businesses with high-traffic waiting areas:

– Restaurants
– Hospitals
– Doctor’s offices
– Hotels
– Airports
– Bus and train stations
– Retirement homes
– Veterinary offices
– Nail and hair salons
– Auto repair shops
– Local government buildings
– Employment agencies

6. Colleges

Schools and colleges can offer a great place to market your brand through the use of business cards. If teachers and college kids are in your target customer base, consider leaving your cards in places such as offices, faculty rooms, and message boards.

These are just some of the unique places you can choose to leave your business cards to gain exposure. Where you decide to leave them will ultimately depend on your target market. Each business is different and will benefit more from certain areas.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.