5 Ways to Keep a Trucking Fleet Safe

Safety is a concern for any truck fleet manager who wants their investments to be worth it. While there is a considerable risk that comes with trucking, it can actually be done. These are five things that you can do to keep the vehicles in the fleet that you own as safe as possible:

Have Functional Light Bars for Maximum Visibility

It cannot be stressed enough just how crucial the role of light bars is in a truck. Light bars help ensure that other drivers on the road will not collide with your truck by maximizing the vehicle’s visibility in the darkness. This is especially true for LED light bars, which rarely abruptly fail and usually only dims over time. Contact a potential supplier of light bars for trucks so that the trucks in your fleet will always be visible to incoming vehicles even in the dark.

Strengthen the Recruitment Process

A big part of the safety and effectiveness of the trucking fleet relies on the skills and decision-making process of the drivers that use the trucks. Your company should have a strict recruitment process so that you will be able to choose drivers that will be able to deliver both efficiency and safety. There is nothing wrong with checking with the employment history and pre-employment drug testing of the applicants. You also need to establish a strong training and learning program for the drivers so that they will know about the process of working for your company.

Monitor Your Drivers’ Behaviors

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If you want to truly measure if the training and learning program of the company is effective, you need to have a mechanism to monitor the drivers’ performance. The drivers must follow the safety and operations guidelines that you have given them after their training. There are actually applications and truck mechanisms that help out in monitoring this. Among the things that you have to watch out for include risky driving behavior, driving at extremely high speeds and excessive instances of hard braking.

Invest in Safety and Navigation Tech

Technology has progressed so much that there already are devices, gadgets, and mechanisms that can ensure better navigation and safety skills for truck drivers. Navigation tech will be able to advise the drivers on the best possible routes that can be taken so you can travel faster. You will have to worry less about meeting accidents or heavy traffic because of these apps. You should also check out safety gadgets and apps so that the truck fleet will be secure.

Schedule Regular Maintenance for the Trucks

Any decent fleet safety and development program should have a plan on how to maintain the vehicles on the fleet. This is so that the trucks are in top condition and are primed to run for a long time and an even longer distance. This will also prevent sudden breakdowns that can affect the operations of the entire fleet. Maintenance can help avoid issues early too so that you will not have to worry about it later.

A smarter recruitment process and better light bars are effective ways for the trucking company to ensure the safety of its trucks and drivers. This can go a long way in establishing the company as a major force in its operations.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.