5 travel tips from experienced business travellers

Sometimes you need to make your own way in the world and that is always going to be a great learning curve for you but then there are times that you can just open up your laptop and google away those first steps to make things smoother. These tips will take you ahead of the rest much faster in regards to business travel;

  1. Grab the lounge access, you wouldn’t let the majority of people in the airport come to your office so why do your important dealings and conversations in front of them. Getting lounge access will give you the privacy you need before to quickly finish a call or confirm that the online graph is finalised.
  2. Hydration, it’s mundane and everyone knows it so why aren’t they doing it? Take a reusable bottle with you on the plane, in the car, walking down the street, you never know what the situation is with drinking water in your chosen destination but at least you can refill if it’s drinkable and it will keep your mind in check, promise.
  3. Relationships are paramount, if you are constantly headed to the same place, sometimes similar places you should keep your personable skills at a high level, this leads to dedication from drivers, hotel managers offering discounts or making you feel even more at home when you arrive, it will also ensure that when you meet the client you are already in the friendly safe mood that you have when at home, as this has become like a second home.
  4. Research the best of everything, take car hire for instance you could quite easily come up with a few companies in your head and they may be OK but enjoycarhire.com will take all of those for you and turn them into a delightful comparison page. The Michelin guide is another good way to get into the local places that will make your clients happy to go somewhere with you. Ask the locals as well so you can get an in on a good place that maybe your client has never heard of, seal that deal.
  5. Don’t ship what you can’t afford, you’re at a trade fare and you shipped over materials that you thought would arrive on time, but they have been held back by customs or have been lost, oh no. If they are crucial to your needs then find other ways to get them there or at least send them to someone that can confirm that they have arrived, still only you know what should arrive there. This is an incredibly important tip as if you don’t have your materials with you what do you have?
Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.