5 Tips for Awesome Event Promo

Think of promotional events like cake. Yes, every layer will be sweet on its own but together they create a magnificent delicacy. You can count on Surf & Turf to put everything back together, thanks to the Instant Shelter as well as the accessories you can count on us for your charity, business or sports team.

Don’t stop there because your stand will be limited to one space for a single day, if you don’t combine any of your other marketing materials. Add logo branded Styrofoam Cups for serving beverage while you’re at it. The point after all is to send a very big message about your business. Intrigued?

Here’s what you need to know about making your shelter blend in perfectly with any other branding materials you might have.

  1. Behind-The-Scenes Social Photos

Do you have a brand new shelter kit for your first event as well as other promotional gear? Well, you should take advantage of your social media channels to predict what will happen. Make sure that your followers feel included as if they are in an exclusive club. Take photos of everything for the event when picking them up, when designing the prints or simply doing a test setup. That way, you can generate a lot of excitement from your followers before the big event.

  1. Post A Lot Of Comments About The Agenda For The Event

Are you hosting a conference or a casual affair? Well, you should expect demonstrations, a series of talks or competitions whenever the big day comes around. You should start tweeting or sharing comments on social media regarding your thoughts on the key topics for the events. Tag the hosts, panellists and delegates in the same niche as your business. You need to find out what they are saying regarding your industry. Additionally, what will you add to the entire conversation before meeting the rest of the people in person?

  1. Create A Colour Scheme And Shelter Logo For The Event

You can custom print the instant shelter to create tailored messages, colours and branding for your business and all the items you want. Make sure that your shelter can be recognized easily and is basically an extension of the identity of your business. You can replicate the logos and reinforce the key information with taglines and bullet points. Before choosing a particular concept, discuss all the exhibition banner printing with the shelter providers. You can count on Surf & Turf to create new artwork or existing designs upon request.

  1. Record A Live Feed For The Event

D-day is here and your event is in full swing. Your stand looks perfect and you have an army of people dedicated to everything. Well, you should think about recording everything. Try Facebook Live, Twitter Periscope and any other platform to show your followers everything that’s happening. You can increase your event’s engagement with your fans on social media. Even better, you will get a first-hand feedback on what your followers think about it, especially those who are not in the event.

  1. Summary Videos For A Wrap-up

Don’t let the event vanish completely once it’s done. You need to do a summary video as a wrap-up. If you had a production crew filming the entire day, you can use any of the material to create a showcase video. Add the video to your website or send it to the people who left their contacts during sign-in. With more visual exposure for your event, you can count on a better investment.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.