5 Stress-Free Ways to Deal With Thesis Writing

Thesis writing is a very serious matter for each student eager to get an advanced university degree such as an MA or a Ph.D. It states very high demands on the scope of work, the time needed to carry out research, the topic necessary to be researched and even the findings you announce in a research paper. All kinds of niggles from teachers are also at the top of the main sources of stress and anxiety for most students.

We’ve decided to help you avoid any possible stress during the writing process. Start working on the thesis so that you’ll have only good memories of this ‘wonderful’ period and enjoy the successful graduation further.

  • Choose a Topic That Is Interesting to You

The first way to relieve yourself from stress while writing a thesis is to begin working on a topic or subject area that is really interesting to you. Thus, you turn your work into an exciting journey through the back streets of your favorite field of study, you can come to unexpected conclusions and develop truly useful findings for future researchers. Who knows, maybe, the present generations will be able to apply your research findings in practice? Take into consideration your research interests mainly.

  • Make Sure You Understand All the Paper Requirements

A thesis has very strict requirements for the volume, logic, structure, scientific validity of the problem you are studying and the formatting style – be it APA, MLA or Harvard. Carefully analyze each of these requirements to immediately follow the right path so that any blind spot won’t cause any stress for you later. Applying the required formatting style is important for the final assessment of your work. It is better to familiarize yourself with the formatting requirements in advance to arrange your quotes and footnotes correctly at the first onset. Then you can only improve them a little or not touch them at all if everything is OK with formatting. You’ll notice how the front end work will help you out leaving a lot of free time.

  • Make a Schedule for the Whole Thesis Writing Process

First of all, you must divide the entire work into phases not to start getting panic when you see a deadline to submit the first chapter. Stages that require more time should also be divided into subtasks. For example, if this is the stage of studying literature, you can set the task to study five scientific articles a day and spend 3 hours on it. This will help you to work on tasks that are really feasible and keep yourself in a strict time frame.

  • Always Start the Most Challenging Task First

This is a universal rule that works in all spheres of life, and not only when writing a thesis. This is the principle of eating a frog”, which means that you must do the most difficult and most priority task first. This is the key to personal effectiveness and success, in particular, in writing a thesis. When you get rid of the most difficult thing, you will feel how the mountain fell from your shoulders and it becomes much easier for you to move on. When working on your thesis, do not forget that you also have other tasks. They may be less prioritized, but they still need to be done. Therefore, after you have worked on this thesis for a certain time, allow yourself to be distracted and do other things – read a book or scroll up newsfeed on Instagram. Interesting ideas can come to mind even while washing clothes or walking with a dog, so don’t let your thesis devour you and your whole life.

  • Ask for Professional Help

In the end, you write the thesis only once, and the diploma will be with you all your life. It is not a shame to ask for help from a custom online service if you can not get the ball rolling. Besides, it is not necessary to buy all the paper from the thesis paper writing service, you can just ask the writers to help you with the most difficult parts. Your conscience will remain clear, and the result will be only improved with such a proposal.

It is useless to write anything if you do not have the right mood or inspiration. Therefore, seize the moment when it seems to you that you are ready to make significant progress in your research. During such a period, do not allow yourself to be distracted by other tasks; only deal with thesis paper. When you are positive, the result will also be positive. Good luck in all your affairs!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.