5 simple ways to boost the morale of your staff

The happiness of your staff is reflected in everything that they do. How they feel about working for you will be reflected in what they tell people about their place of work. How they feel when they walk through the door on a morning and how well they do the job they’re being paid to do. 

If your workforce is struggling under their workload, they’re unhappy with something or they’re just feeling burnt out, then you need ways you can boost morale and make them feel heard and appreciated. Thankfully, it’s a lot easier than you might think. 

Read on for 5 simple ways to boost the morale of your staff.


Listening to the ideas and potential improvements your employees could benefit from is huge for morale. When employees feel listened to then they know that you do care about their happiness and the future of the business. Let your employees speak up – whether they want more employee only signs put up to avoid problems with customers or they have some issues with a process that is too long and drawn out and could be streamlined. Allow your employees to present their issues and also come up with some of the solutions; implement their ideas and you’ll see such a difference in morale. Remember, they’re on the front line of your business, so their insight is invaluable.

Speak in person

Sure you’re a busy person and sending an email to the employee three floors down would be much quicker. But emails are boring, dull and when it comes to building relationships – worthless. With most barely given a second glance. Rather than relying on technology, go and speak to the employee in person, it gives a much better message, shows that you’re an approachable, personable employer who doesn’t sit brooding in their big office counting cash. 

Make time for recreation

Set aside some of your monthly budget for recreational activities that your staff will enjoy. It doesn’t have to be anything too expensive either. Something as simple as buying everyone a coffee and pastry from a coffee shop or treating everyone to lunch is a huge boost to morale. If you have more of a budget then consider treating your teams to meals out or even a few drinks to celebrate a job well done.

Keep your workplace running

Remove anything that will make doing their jobs difficult. Always ensure that they have the right tools and office supplies so they can get on with their roles efficiently. And make sure the break room is stocked with plenty of provisions. 

Celebrate birthdays

Remembering the birthday of an employee and wishing them well is very personable and always well received. You can send a birthday card around the workplace for everyone to sign, give them an extended lunch break, a bunch of flowers or another gift that you deem appropriate. It’s the little things that make employees feel good. And happiness is contagious! 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.