5 reasons your IT department is the infrastructure of your entire business

Think of an IT department and what springs to mind? Turn it off and on again? Someone who’ll help you move your computer to another desk? Or reset your password if you’ve forgotten it? Well, your IT department probably does do all these things, but the responsibilities and assignments that are in the hands of your IT department are pretty imperative to the success and the daily function of your business. 

IT departments aren’t just consigned to large, corporate businesses either, as a business begins to evolve and adopt an increasing level of digital and online practices, even small and medium-sized businesses are employing IT staff to keep their business moving. IT experts don’t just fix your phones and your ensure all the computers are running, they offer ongoing support and help with data management, security and help to increase productivity in the workplace – click here if you’re looking for dedicated IT support services. 

So, why is your IT department crucial to the infrastructure of your business? Read on for 5 reasons why. 

They keep everyone connected 

Not just in a literal sense of course. But your business’s infrastructure relies on your company’s network being connected to each and every device, having access and connectivity to external internet and networks where needed, managing bandwidth, installing devices where needed, keeping servers maintained, and following up with any issues anywhere in the business at any time! It’s safe to say that without your IT department, you’d struggle!

They play a huge part in security

Business security these days isn’t just about locks and bolts and CCTV, as criminal activity becomes more and more advanced, your IT department works hard to ensure that the cyber side of things is kept safe, secure and running like clockwork. Cybersecurity plays a huge role in the safety of your business and the data and information you have. Your IT department works hard to protect your business from hackers, malware, phishing emails, spyware and ensuring that they’re up to date with the latest in cybersecurity practice.

They keep on top of all your data

The amount of data even the smallest of businesses have access to is staggering. This is why an IT department works hard to keep that data and information safe, protected and maintained. As well as expanding networks and hardware as your company starts to grow. They’ll also put plans in place to protect you from data breaches and data loss.

They keep everything running

From phones to hardware, software to programmes, devices and network maintenance. Without all these things being kept up to date and being constantly monitored, your entire infrastructure could be taken down by the slightest of network or connection issues. Without the presence of a competent and professional IT team, your business could stop running for hours, or even days. 


Even with all this in mind, your IT staff still have time to help you and your employees with day to day issues and problems. From a broken monitor to a forgotten password, training and the installation of new programmes and software. It’s safe to say that your business would stall without your IT department.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.