5 Effective Ways to Increase Your Sales on Amazon

If you are an independent artist or entrepreneur, you probably already know the power Amazon has in raising your business profile and increasing sales. It is important to be able to get your product out there to as many potential customers as possible. However, given the overcrowded product landscape nowadays, with so many people publishing content on the internet, it can be hard to get the attention you need to succeed. 

The following are a few tips and tools to help you navigate the difficult landscape of online retail, and how to make the most of Amazon and all that it has to offer.

Orchestrate a powerful product launch

Launching your product is an important step that should be strategized for carefully. Posting your product to Amazon only to have it die on arrival – or for you to monitor its progress like crazy, refreshing the page every two seconds – is not exactly fulfilling, or practical. One tool that can help you circumvent this hassle is investing in an app such as Viral Launch, which also comes with a built-in product research tool that you can easily customize to your needs. It outlines your competitors and their progress in one easy layout, letting you know if there’s a decrease in their sales. Monitoring how your product launches has become a lot less stressful with this powerful tool.

Keyword attention

Knowing what customers type into the search engine on Amazon is not only incredibly useful, it can push your business into the stratosphere fairly easily. There are a few ways to do this; one of the best amazon selling tools is as simple to use as installing a software program, which helps you keep your keyword-usage and self-marketing strategies in check. For sure, one of the best programs available on the market nowadays is Keyworx, which is a keyword tracker tool designed with the Amazon seller in mind. Knowing the keywords that can help boost your product’s visibility is integral to understanding Amazon SEO and knowing how to push what you’re selling to appear at the very top of people’s search ranks. This will eventually help more customers see your listing, thereby increasing your sales. Getting the keyword searches to work in your favor is a powerful tool that cannot ever be underestimated in making your business a successful one. 

Manage your inventory and pricing system

Keeping track of your inventory in an online business needs to be done in a simple and streamlined way. It is not enough – nor is it advisable, or workable – to keep things written down on pen and paper when it comes to managing your sales. There are a few tools out there that can help you, such as Amazon’s own built-in app, which includes key features such as a suggested pricing tool that takes into account your competitors’ approach.

There are also even more sophisticated tools available on the market that will perform the necessary task of business analytics and help you better understand the profitability of your product. Given the crazy amount of competition in the Amazon marketplace, you want to ensure that you receive the kind of revenue you deserve. The business will grow only when you monitor it closely, and also take the time to figure out ways to finetune what you’re selling, or the way you are reaching out to customers. 

In-depth product research

Not to put too fine a point on it, knowing the value of your product, and what competitors are selling and which price points will make a huge difference in how you understand and market your work. Helpful tools such as Unicorn Smasher provide invaluable information regarding your product, your potential customer base, and how it fits within the broader Amazon marketplace. This makes your managerial work much easier to manage.

Understand customer feedback

One of the best and worst aspects of Amazon is the openness of customer feedback on products. Disgruntled customers on the website are notoriously prickly, but the vast majority leave constructive comments that will help you better understand how to make improvements as your business grows. Since you might not have enough time to lug through all the feedback your products receive, different apps such as FeedbackWhiz can help you manage the reviews quicker and in an efficient manner. It assists by looking for certain keywords in the reviews that justify the ratings your products are receiving. 

Selling a product on Amazon can be an overwhelming experience, but by investing in the right tools and securing the proper assistance, it can also be a deeply rewarding one. You need to pay attention to your customer feedback in order to tailor your services to your consumers’ needs, whereas paying attention to product naming and keyword use can also drastically affect your sales. 


Annika Bansal

Annika "The Chick Geek" is the founder of AnnikaBansal.com. Small Business Sense shares small business ideas, tips and resources for independent Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners.