5 Reasons for You to Use the Join Me Screen Sharing Application

Happy Thursday to you! Have you heard of the Join.Me screen-sharing application before? If you haven’t, then now is the time to get acquainted with it and use it for the development of your business. Join.Me is an awesome internet-based remote screen-sharing application you can use in your business to share presentations and host web conferences with your clients.
I first started using Join.Me around two years ago to assist my clients remotely with issues they are having. After the numerous times I have used it, I can confidently tell you that it is an extremely powerful application.

Why Should You Use the Join Me Screen Sharing Application?

Of course, simply telling that a service is good does not mean it is really good. That is exactly why I want to share with you the top five reasons why I recommend that you use the Join.Me screen-sharing application for your business:

1.  Join.Me is Free to Use

Yep, that is right. You can use this application, which is packed with a ton of cool features absolutely FREE. By simply signing up with the site and downloading the app, you will be able to do the following:

  • Easily share your screen with others
  • Place Internet calls
  • Select which monitor you would like to share with others (in case you have dual monitors)


2. You can use this application on Any PC, Anywhere and Anytime

As long as you have a computer around or your laptop with you and stable Internet connection, you can use Join.Me. You can practically be in a Caribbean or Asian beach and still be able to meet with and conduct business with your employees and clients. How great is that?


3.  Join.Me is Versatile

With creativity and detailed goals in mind, you can use Join.Me for hundreds of different things. Some of the tasks you can use Join.Me for are the following:

  • Training employees
  • Offering personal consultations
  • Giving live video tutorials
  • Holding a teleseminar


4.  Use Mobile Apps for Presentations on the Go

Join.Me has applications available for different mobile gadgets. Specifically, you can use an iPad, iPhone, or Android to view screens and share presentations. With these apps, you can track and keep up with your business on the go.

5.  Join.Me Offers a Comprehensive Knowledge Base

You can learn everything about the app, from setting up meetings to recording them to using international conference numbers.
With Join.Me, you can hold meetings and conferences anywhere you want—be it in the comfort of your own home or on a sunny, shiny beach while you are on vacation. In my humble opinion, this is what makes this application so awesome.
To help you get started with using Join.Me, I am including a video that shows you How to Use the  Application.  Cheers!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.

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