5 Qualities of A Great Website

Due to the tremendous increase in the internet and technology, no single aspect of marketing is as essential as a quality website. However, a quality website isn’t just a ‘good’ website that can break through and convert users into regular customers and brand ambassadors. What cuts it is an excellent, efficient, and unique website. If you want a simple website that looks professional enough to kick start your business, you can use thousands of templates that are available online. But in today’s competitive market, you need to stand out.

Below are what makes a great website.

Easy to use by any user

Most site users are always in a hurry and skim through. Do not make them work for the information. User experience (UX) is vital in any developed website. UX helps the user to understand and stay on your website. During website development, create logical navigations with a clear hierarchy. Besides, to achieve functionality across the site, employ consistent layouts and visual cues. Your website should help the users accomplish their tasks as quickly as possible with an onsite search. Keep users engaged by suggesting relevant content. 

Creatively designed and functional

A company’s website reflects on its products, services, and brand. The page needs to be visually appealing, well-polished, and professional. Use whitespaces, quality graphics, and uncluttered photographs and let your message flow with ease. Also, your site must meet all expectations, i.e., work quickly and correctly with the desired result. In case you not up for the task, seek professional help from relevant companies. For instance, Liverpool website design service will build the site to the web standard, proofread, and regularly test for problems with speed or functionality. Every page should be fast and functional.

Customized for mobile

Today, most of the world’s population uses smartphones. So, there is no excuse; your website has to look great and work efficiently on all platforms. Optimizing your site for the various mobile platforms will improve both the user experience and SEO rankings. 

Clear and accessible contact and location

The purpose of your website is to promote and market your company. Make it easy for your users to engage with you. Provide multiple modes of contact: phone, email, social media, and maybe easy to use the contact form. Ensure your contact information is readily available on an easy to find contact page on your website.

Relevant, quality content

Your website content should be exciting and new. Use a clear and understandable language that makes sense to your users. Check for grammatical errors, be relevant, and update regularly. Users have a short attention span, so your content should be straightforward exciting, and current. You can use blog content and social media updates to get great content for your website. This might require a little investment.


As much as the number of novice users is on the decline, make your websites easy for users to keep them and for them to share your content. The tenets mentioned above might help you start getting more value out of your web page. However, keeping users isn’t as easy as it seems. It may, at times, require the use of professionals such as the Liverpool website design service to assist in site creation. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.