5 Powerful Selling Tips From Amazon’s Most Successful Sellers

If you’re an eCommerce seller, having a presence on Amazon is vital to being profitable. In the final quarter of 2020, Amazon made $125.6 billion in revenue. As more people were shopping from home, online sales increased and they don’t appear to be decreasing any time soon. 

There are plenty of ways to be profitable on Amazon. With just a few changes or small improvements to your Amazon business, you can be capitalizing on the Amazon customer base in no time. 

In this guide, we’ll go over some tips from successful Amazon sellers and how you can implement them into your store. You’ll soon be selling like an Amazon pro. If you have not considered it, China is a leader in manufacturing of products people use everyday and getting them is not nearly as difficult or expensive as you may believe.  Sourcing Nova is a great place to learn about Chinese product options.

1. Develop a Competitive Pricing Structure

Amazon customers typically look for the lowest price possible when researching items. To price your items competitively, you’ll need to review similar items that are being sold. If the item you’re selling isn’t unique, you’ll likely need to price it lower than what’s currently out there. 

There are different strategies you can use:

  • Rule-Based Repricing: Changes a product’s price based on your competitors, resulting in your product being the lowest price available
  • Manual Repricing: Amazon sellers change the price of the item themselves
  • Algorithmic Repricing: Set a targeted price based on market condition algorithms and real-time data

Successful sellers on Amazon need to stay flexible with their pricing. Pricing helps you stay competitive with other marketplace sellers

On that note, a lot of Amazon sellers’ prices end in “.99.” It’s an old trick that customers recognize to get them to think that the price is a dollar lower than it’s listed for. 

For example, to stand out from similar products that are listed at $14.99, list your product for $14.59. It’s only a difference of 40 cents but you’ll be surprised what a big change it can have overall. 

2. Use High-Resolution Pictures

High-quality pictures make a huge impact on Amazon buyers and is a best kept secret of Amazon sellers. Product images are one of the first things a potential customer sees when visiting your product page. Amazon does have image requirements that you’ll be to be mindful of when uploading your pictures. 

Low-quality images that don’t show what the product is from multiple angles can deter customers from adding your item to their cart. Buyers want high-definition photos. 

An image of the product on a white background is a requirement for your main image. You have more freedom with your remaining photos. Capture the product being used in different ways and show its multiple uses. 

3. Optimize Your Product Detail Pages

Your product detail pages need to include all the information potential customers will want to know. This includes the high-resolution images we talked about before but also clear details regarding the product. 

Product pages should include:

  • Product title
  • Description
  • Key identifiers 
  • Search terms
  • Color
  • Size

Think about your customer base and ask yourself what they would want to know about the product. Use that as a foundation for crafting your product descriptions. 

You’ll also want to do keyword research to see what it is customers are typing into the search bar. Your description, product title, and bullet points should include all of the relevant keywords for the item you’re selling. 

Your product description should tell your customers all the features and benefits of your product. If there’s anything that sets your product apart from the competition, make sure you highlight that. Give clear examples of how the product will improve their lives.  

4. Implement Influencer Marketing

Social media influencers are all the rage these days and they can help build your brand’s awareness. Increasing eyes on your product is a key component of the success rate of Amazon sellers.

It can be hard to quickly build up a loyal and engaged audience. That’s why investing some of your marketing budget in an influencer that already has a strong following is important. 

Do research on influencers that are in your particular niche. If you sell exercise equipment, look for influencers that post about lifestyle products or are exercise gurus themselves. 

There are few different types of tiers of influencers:

  • Mega: Over one million followers
  • Macro: 100,000 to 1,000,000 followers
  • Micro: 10,000 to 100,000 followers
  • Nano: Fewer than 10,000 followers

You don’t necessarily want to target mega or macro-influencers. While they have a larger following, they won’t be as engaged with their audience as a micro or nano influencer will be. Micro or nano influencers also typically aren’t celebrities, rather than individuals that specialize in a certain industry and are well known for it. 

Some influencers are willing to do an unboxing video or some other type of promotion in exchange for free products. Others may want an additional fee for promoting your product. Review your marketing budget and begin reaching out to influencers. 

You want the influencer to speak knowledgeably and sincerely about your product to their followers. If their following is large enough, they can include a “swipe up” link in their post so their customers can jump over to your Amazon page and purchase your product. 

5. Be Customer Service Oriented

Interacting with customers in a positive way can go a long way with the online shopping experience. It’s an important facet of creating a long-term customer base and increasing your customer retention. Customers, in-person or online, want to know that their business is important to them. 

Some of the ways you can do this are:

  • Dealing with disputes professionally
  • Responding to customer messages quickly
  • Handling product returns 

Not only will this keep customers returning to your store, but they’ll also leave positive product reviews. 

Follow These Tips from Successful Amazon Sellers

There is a lot of competition in the online marketplace but that doesn’t mean you can’t find success stories of Amazon sellers. Following the tips and tricks from successful Amazon sellers will help you rise the ranks and be profitable. 

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Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.