5 Investments that Guarantee A Steady Income After Retirement

Retirement is a significant phase of our lives. Even though there are lots of ways to stay active and happy post-retirement, having a steady flow of income is necessary to live stress-free for the rest of our lives.

To avoid financial hurdles after retirement, most individuals try to make investments during their working life to ensure that they have a consistent and decent income even after retirement.

Even though there are lots of ways to invest your money and gain returns, most of them have their own set of risks attached as well. If you are in search of a risk-free mode of investment to ensure a good income after retirement, today we are here with some of the best ones for you.

5 Investments that Guarantee a Steady Income After Retirement

Precious Metal IRA

Individual Retirement Account or IRA is one of the most preferred modes for retirement savings. One of the best benefits of IRA is that during any investments you make into the IRA during its maturity period is tax-free. Even though the tax will be deducted when you withdraw from the IRA after retirement, it will be lower than your regular tax deductibles in most cases.

Among the various IRA options, precious metal IRA is highly preferred. This is because precious metals don’t lose their value in comparison to fiat currency. Just as mentioned in this Yahoo Finance article, a high volume of trading and enormous demands are two reasons why precious metals retain their value so much.


Annuities are insurance policies that give policyholders with fixed monthly payments. Two periods are specified in an annuity contract.

During the “accumulation” period, the policyholder will have to pay the insurance company with a fee for subscribing to the annuity. Once the payment duration ends, then the “annuity” period begins where the company will pay back the policyholder with fixed monthly payments as agreed upon in the contract.

Defined Contribution Plans

Nowadays, lots of employers offer defined contribution plan benefits to their employees. Just like IRAs, DC plans are also tax-free until withdrawal. TSP, 401k, 457, and 403b are some of the popular DC plans.

In case your employer supports DC plans, then they will also make matching contributions to your account.

Real Estate Rental

Property rental is another way to ensure a steady flow of income after your retirement. Well, becoming a landlord is not entirely tension-free as you have to consider factors such as maintenance, damage, and even your property remaining vacant, thus providing no income at all.

If your real estate property is in a prime location and if you are willing to face the occasional challenges, then property rental can be a great source of generating a steady income.


Among all the investments mentioned in this article, bonds have got to be the most popular options. Bonds are loans that you lend to corporations, governments, etc. A fixed interest rate is set for the principal amount that you pay, and the interest will be paid to you either monthly or during regular intervals.

Bonds come with a maturity period, and once reached, the principal amount is paid back to you as well.

Most people confuse bonds with stocks. Unlike stocks, you do not invest in bonds to grow money. Instead, bonds provide you with a steady income and involve little risk.

Final Words

Most people would love to take fewer financial risks as possible after their retirement. In this article, we have tried to include modes of investments that guarantee returns and involve minimal risks.

In case you wish to suggest some other low-risk type of investments, feel free to mention them as comments below.


Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.