5 Invaluable Interviewing Tricks to Ensure You Hire the Right Candidate

Interviewees get nervous about the hiring process, but here’s a secret every hiring manager knows: so do company personnel. After all, it costs thousands of dollars to hire a single individual. If that person isn’t the right fit, it’s time and money down the drain. 

Luckily, there are some easy interviewing tricks every organization can utilize to make sure they hire the right candidate.

1. Take Them Out for Lunch

You can choose to have an interview over lunch if you’d like to see how the individual reacts to other people, but know this tactic may not be as effective as a more informal meeting. Instead, request the potential candidate attend a casual outing with some of the team members. 

This has a few benefits: you can see the candidate’s true nature easier, it removes barriers that may exist from the pressures of a formal interview and it gives you a chance to understand how the hiree interacts with your team. 

2. Ask About a Common Problem

Always take the time to ask interviewees how they would solve a problem the job would encounter routinely. In fact, contemplate having a mock exercise set up in advance for the interview. 

This can include something as simple as asking the candidate to have a conversation with a “customer” (you or one of your employees) or requesting they identify a coding issue on a machine. 

Jay Cohen, an attorney at Blass Law, acknowledges, “Requesting step-by-step solutions to difficulties candidates will experience demonstrates their thinking processes and problem-solving skills.” 

3. Ask the Administrative Assistants for Feedback

It’s surprising how people behave when they think no one is looking. Ask your employees stationed around the waiting area to keep an eye and an ear out for interviewees, especially your administrative assistants. MarketWatch points out it isn’t uncommon for administrative assistants to be interrogated by potential employees about company policies. 

These individuals are greatly underestimated; you may be surprised at what they report back to you. 

4. Test 5 Core Skills

Know what you need before posting the job description and test for it in the interview. Cater your questions to address three to five skills that are essential to success. 

If you desire an employee who demonstrates adaptiveness, for instance, request they share a time they had to change long-decided plans and how it made them feel. 

5. Request a Project

A final excellent suggestion is to have a project due prior to the interview, which you can then discuss with the candidate during the session. Doing so demonstrates the person’s flexibility, management of constructive criticism, knowledge of the company and confidence. 

Find Your One True Laborer

Interviewing is almost like falling in love. You get to know someone better, you place your faith in their personality and you hope for the best. 

These five tips make it easy to find your one true laborer with whom you can live happily ever after. 

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