5 Ideas to Increase Your Customer Engagement

As a business person, you need loyal customers. Or else your business will fail. Customers expect you to meet most of their needs and keep them happy. If you don’t, they will seek the same services or products from your competitors. However, if you practice customer engagement, the chances are that you will retain and attract more customers through referrals.

Customer engagement allows customers to interact with your brand and share their thoughts. Successful customer engagement fosters loyalty and the company’s growth. Additionally, it aims to create value instead of making profits.

Even though it is more of a marketing strategy, customer engagement entails real-time customer support, great content, and interactions. Here are some ideas you can use to increase your customer engagement.

Adopt social media

Forget the mindset you have about social media networks. Yes, they are platforms where people connect, but you can also use them as a tool to increase customer engagement. For instance, you can use social media and a customer engagement tool to communicate with your customers, share information about your brand, and ask for feedback.

After receiving feedback from different customers, you can make the necessary changes to ensure that they remain satisfied and happy. You can also use socializing platforms to sell and advertise your products. When a customer has a query, he or she is likely to contact you on your social media page.


This is one of the traditional ways to increase customer engagement. It involves collecting data from various internal and external sources. Crowdsourcing aims to identify the right solution for specific tasks and issues.

There are several ways you can facilitate crowdsourcing. They include:

  • Use surveys
  • Publicly share your product development strategy and ask for ideas and solutions.
  • Place a poll on your website for visitors to participate in.
  • Keep the campaign live and lengthy.

When individuals participate in crowdsourcing, they feel appreciated and smart. In return, they will gladly respond when you invite them to your sales funnel.

Make Sure That Your Customers Remain Happy

The best way to increase your customer engagement is to ensure that they remain happy. A happy customer is likely to recommend other customers to you. As a result, your conversion rate also increases.

There are many ways to make your customer happy. First, make sure that you respect all your customers regardless of their religion, background, or culture. In short, do not discriminate. You do not want your brand to be associated with such negativity.

Secondly, always make sure that you hear out your customers. It also shows that you respect and value them. Once in a while, surprise your customers with gifts and promotions. Focus on making your customer your best friend and wait for positive results.

Video Production

Consumers today intend to build strong relationships with a specific brand. However, most are reluctant as they do not know the face behind the brand. This is where video production comes into play. You can use video production to introduce your brand and your team to the world.

It is advisable to use a local video production studio as they are quite familiar with the market. When you post your video on the social media platform, it is likely to garner a lot of views and, in return, increase the conversion rate. Make an effort to reply to every comment, negative or positive.

You can do video demonstrations to engage with your customer better. A video demonstration educates the viewer about your product, how to use it, and so forth.

Humanize Your Brand

You can increase your customer engagement by humanizing your brand. Even though technology helps you simplify tasks, you should do these tasks on your own.

A customer is likely to feel irritated when he or she calls with a question or a complaint, only to receive an automated response.

Customer engagement facilitates conversion. Without it, your business is likely to fail. Therefore use the above ideas to increase your customer engagement and see your brand experience growth.


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