5 Creative Ways to Market Your New Business Startup

In today’s world, the Internet is just about full. The worldwide web is busting at the seams with unoriginal marketing strategies from every Tom, Dick, and Harry that owns a small business. 

In order to survive in the modern ear, you need to market your business creatively. Gone are the days when a simple website, some social media marketing, and an email autoresponder were sufficient to get customers flocking to your new business. In 2020, you have to be stand out.

To help you get started with some unique marketing strategies, we’ve listed five such approaches here. Start implementing them today to market your business startup.

1. Bumper Stickers

The average person spends upwards of an hour every single day in their car, commuting to work. So what are they always looking at? The bumper of the car ahead of them.

By selling bumper stickers and asking your employees to put them on their cars, you can help get more eyeballs on your business like never before.

In addition, consider paying folk a couple hundred dollars a month to place a bumper sticker advertising your business on their vehicle. Depending on how much a customer is worth to you, if that person helps bring in just one additional customer every week, then the investment produces a positive return.

2. Go to Meetups

If you run a local business, this idea is for you. Download the Meetup app, which connects people of similar interests over an activity (e.g. a skateboarding meetup at a local skate park).

Start attending the meetup events listed on the app and voila! You have a plethora of interested, qualified people to sell to.

3. Create a Social Media Contest

There’s just something innately attractive about a competition to human nature. That’s why social media contests work so well. Ask customers to upload a short video explaining why they want to use your product. Then, give the best videos a coupon for a free purchase! 

4. Give Something Away

Even simpler than a social media contest, try just giving something away. Make it so that everyone has to share your social media profile in order for them to eligible for the raffle. Then raffle up a prize (either a product that you sell given to them for free or even something irrelevant like a gift card). Leverage multi-channel marketing to raise awareness about the giveaway. In no time at all you’ll have a bunch of new pairs of eyes on your website. 

5. Get on TikTok

TikTok has been recently taking the social media world by storm. Few businesses, however, have gotten on the platform. You can get ahead of the curve by doing so. Particularly if your business’s target audience is millennials, one of the best marketing techniques you could implement is creating some viral TikTok videos.

Market Your Business Creatively

Now that you know how to market your business creatively, all that remains is for you to go out and implement the strategies discussed here!

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Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.