5 Best Skype Transcription Software for Businesses

Communicating using online telecommunication applications is not a new thing for most businesses. It is more convenient and more accessible than gathering everyone in the same place at the same time.

Skype is one of the applications that is used in online meetings, video conferences, and calls. But when doing an online discussion, distractions such as noises or unnecessary movements and other events will make it hard to focus.

Benefits of Transcribing Skype for Your Business

There are a lot of reasons why you should transcribe your Skype meetings or calls. Not only will it be good for your image, but it will also be good for your business.

Transcribing Skype will help you in many ways. Such as going through the essential details of your meetings or presentations. You may have missed out on some points. And it will be easier to go back through the recording with transcriptions.

It will help employees who have hearing disabilities. They will be able to understand the content of the meeting or presentation. Transcriptions also help employees without disabilities to focus more. Therefore, it improves the quality of their work. And that is good for the business.

Furthermore, it can also boost your marketing. The keyword in the transcription is good for improving your SEO. So transcribing your Skype presentation or video will give you free traffic if you upload the file on your website. This is because search engines only recognize text and not audios or videos.

In choosing the best software, you have to consider what your business needs. And also, consider your budget. You should also keep these factors in mind: Accuracy, Security, Turn Around Time, Feature, Accessibility, and Price.

Here are the five best transcription software that you may consider using for your business.


They offer both transcriptions and subtitles with an assurance of a complete transcription within 24 hours from when you submitted the file. This software lets you choose from transcription software or professional transcription. Personalized vocabulary is included, and also the speakers and timestamps.

Their transcription software can transcribe your file fast using their state-of-the-art AI technology. The accuracy of their automated software is up to 85%. And it costs 0.23$ per minute.

While their human transcription costs 1.99$ per minute, it has a turnaround of 24 hours with a 99% accuracy. If you have more extensive transcription needs, you can contact their salesperson for a lower package rate.


This service is known for its combined AI technology and human skills in their transcriptions. They also provide automated transcription for a much faster job.

Their advanced voice and speech recognition technology has an up to 80% accuracy rate. The clearer your audios are the more accurate the outcome. They have a turnaround time of 5 minutes for their automated transcription.

Rev.com has a clear pricing frame that you can view on their website. For their automated machine transcriptions, they charge 0.25$ per minute. Their transcriptions and captions are both priced at 1.25$ per minute. Meanwhile, their foreign caption is priced at 3-7$ per minute, with an estimated turnaround time of 6 hours. They also have 24/7 support that will assist you round the clock.


With the help of the latest AI technology, they offer a simple but powerful result. In addition, they have notes and commenting features, including automated time code realignment, word-by-word time stamps, and an in-browser editor.

One of their features also includes speaker identification and labeling. You can also add words and phrases to their custom dictionary. They also have a high accuracy rating that promises a happy result.

The prices that they offer depend on the package that you will choose. Their Standard Package costs 10$ per hour. Premium Package costs 5$ an hour plus 25$ per user or month. They also offer an Enterprise Package. The amount of this package varies on the volume of your transcriptions.


A privacy-focused transcription software that is best for businesses, Transcribe converts your audio or video files to text in more than 60 languages. This Skype transcription software also has features that will save your time when converting audio to text, like their Foot Pedal and Dictation Engine.

Their average turnaround time is less than an hour, with a 90% accuracy on their automatic transcription. And their professional transcriptionists are the best. It is also easy to use the software because they have files that help you understand the features and guided steps on how to use the software.

Transcribe pricing is simple and clear. Their annual license fee is 20$ that will give you unlimited access to their self transcription tools, such as the foot pedal and the dictation engine. Automatic Transcription has an affordable rate of 0.10$ per minute on top of the annual license fee. You can also access their self transcription even when offline.


Offering a hassle-free order, Gotranscript provides a 100% human-generated transcription. They are one of the largest transcription sites in the world. There are also more than 50 languages that you can choose from that they are offering.

They have a 0.92$ per minute starting rate. Their rate is not as simple as the others, but it is transparent. Their different packages are 6 to 12 hours service, 1-day service, 3 days service. And their most extended is a 5 days service package. The longer the service is, the lower the price gets.

Gotranscript does not have an automated transcription. So you can not expect a lightning-speed transcription from them. However, unlike the first four software on the list, they do have a 6 hours turnaround.

Indeed, you will find one that fits your transcribing needs from the choices above. Just take note of the features and quality that you and your business needs. It’s not all about the transcription machines. You also have to consider the best software.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.