Labman Builds Rapid Sample Reformatter with Support from System Devices

Labman has designed and delivered a new device with the potential to revolutionise Covid-19 testing practices in laboratory settings. Labman reached out to System Devices at short notice for an Epson SCARA robot that would meet their requirements, the LS Series Scara robot was suggested due to cycle times of 0.39secs and repeatability of up to 10 microns. The payload of 6kg and 600mm reach was the ideal solution in this case and was available from stock to meet the tight deadline.

Robots are playing an increasingly important role in the fight against Covid-19.  The testing process for Covid-19 is extremely labour intensive, involving multiple specialists and an array of complex laboratory equipment.

This inspired Labman to create the Rapid Sample Reformatter; a semi-automated, high-throughput sample processing system, designed to assist testing laboratories worldwide.

The Rapid Sample Reformatter devised by Labman is designed to completely transform the Covid-19 testing process through precision automation. The machine; for which System Devices supplied a cutting-edge Epson SCARA robot is capable of preparing up to 21,000 samples for testing each day, with only two people needed to operate the device.

Along with significantly reducing the risk of human error in the testing process, the Rapid Sample Reformatter enables invaluable human resources to be redeployed elsewhere. Cross contamination risk is also significantly reduced with the added benefit of improved accuracy and better sample data conformity.

24/7 Covid-19 Sample Testing Automation

Labman drew on the company’s decades of experience to come up with an entirely new system for testing large volumes of Covid-19 samples in a faster, more accurate and more efficient way. Capable of running continuously 24 hours a day, the Rapid Sample Reformatter can process three samples every 3 seconds.

As the device only requires two technicians to operate it, laboratories have the opportunity to re-allocate invaluable resources to more important activities. Given the volumes of Covid-19 samples being taken for testing each day worldwide, the machine has huge potential for improving the efficiency and accuracy of Test-and-Trace operations globally.

How the Rapid Sample Reformatter Works

The system works by automating the transfer of fluid samples from vials to well plates, after which they can be tested. A technician takes control of sample loading via a two-handed sensor touch system, with each step of the process taking place around a continuous operation carousel for maximum efficiency.

In-built safety features for the benefit of laboratory technicians include the safeguarding of vials caps and pipettes, while processed vials are heat sealed and sent to a different output unit.

Labman’s Rapid Sample Reformatter is compatible with up to seven different types of Covid-19 swab tubes, while new tubes can be 3D printed on-site to further expand its compatibility. There is also an inbuilt barcode scanner for simplified and reliable tracking of data.

Designed to deal with the dangerous bottlenecks many laboratories worldwide are now facing, the Rapid Sample Reformatter has the potential to accelerate the Covid-19 sample testing process far beyond the capabilities of any human team.

Learn more about the range of Epson Scara robots at System Devices UK.

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