4 Ways To Keep Your Retail Store Safe From Theft

Retailers lose a considerable portion of sales each year as a result of retail crimes. Keeping your store and customers safe should be a priority as a business owner.

Regardless of what kind of merchandise you’re selling and wherever you are located, there is always a risk of being a crime target. Thieves can strike anyone at any time, so the best thing you can do is to take as many precautions as possible.

If you want to keep your retail business safe from theft, here are some of the best tips.

Install Surveillance Cameras

One of the things that thieves hate most is security cameras. Not only can cameras deter thieves because they’re intimidated by them, but you can also use video surveillance to prove someone’s guilt.

Placing cameras throughout your store is the best way to enhance security. Just one camera makes it possible for thieves to act out within the video’s blindspots.

Consider placing them in the most effective areas. If you have an ATM, place one there. There should also be cameras alongside all of your inventory as well as entrance. Make sure that it’s a quality camera so that you can clearly make out the perpetrators’ faces. Nowadays, high definition cameras aren’t expensive and can be purchased for reasonable prices online.

Invest In an Alarm System

It only takes criminals a few moments to wipe your store out. It’s critical that you’ve got time on your side by installing an alarm system that keeps you connected to your store.

In the event that a criminal breaks in, an alarm system will detect a broken window or door and make a loud noise to hinder thieves. Most alarm systems automatically call the police, who will arrive at the scene within moments.

At the same time, your mobile device will be alerted, giving you time to show up as soon as possible as well.

Don’t Forget Network Security

No longer do you only have to worry about theft within your physical store but also online. Unlike the past, technology now makes it so that attackers can make their way in through the internet. It’s vital that you have the right network security measures put in place.

You should have an antivirus program as well as encrypted information. The last thing you want is not only exposing your own sensitive information but also your customers.

Lastly, it’s vital that your passwords are not easy to guess or shared with anyone other than the manager and owner.

Hire Reliable People

Shoplifters aren’t the only threats to your store. Statistics show that nearly a quarter of retail loss is due to employee theft. Rather than rolling the dice with your hard-earned money in an effort to staff quickly, be selective about who you allow on your team!

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