6 College Promo Items Businesses Can Use to Their Advantage

College promo items are the most preferred tactic to reach college students. Students use these items daily so it makes sense to use them for marketing. It’s super easy to win their attention through the things they interact with often.

Businesses that win college students’ attention can gain a competitive edge. The students can turn into loyal supporters and embrace your brand throughout their lives. 

Remember, college students and swag are inseparable. Not every promo item will impress them! To save you the hassle, we reviewed six promo items you can use for your business’ bottom line!

1. Smartphone Accessories

Phone cases, covers, Bluetooth speakers, pop sockets, you name it! There’s a range of accessories to choose from. Smartphone accessories are irresistible and perfect as promo items.

Some colleges may not permit certain accessories in class. Yet students will have these accessories everywhere.

For a business, branded accessories will display your logo and message on the go. Students love and use them beyond college premises. They take your branding message from the college to all the places the students may frequent.

The beauty of electronic accessories is that they are some of the most practical college promo items. Every student will appreciate a branded smartphone case or cover as a giveaway. 

Which student wouldn’t want to protect their prized gadget? Covers protect the phone from stains and breaking. What about a Bluetooth speaker? These are portable and provide the unmatched joy of listening to music anywhere. 

Many accessories are cheap and accessible to even the smallest business. Your business can find an ideal accessory that can present your message better. 

2. College Backpacks

There’s nothing that says stylish like a unique backpack to walk around campus with. Backpacks are now fashion accessories and any student would love one as a gift. 

The advantage of backpacks is that students wear them both at school and away. Printing your logo on them can take your brand far and wide. Promotional items need to be convenient for branding and backpacks make the grade. 

Your logo or message stays visible throughout when a student wears the backpack. The bag can increase your brand’s awareness in the school, cafes, hiking trails, and in the entire town. 

For college students, a backpack as a college promo item is the best gift to receive. Besides style, these packs are a functional asset for carrying personal items. 

3. Custom Tape

How do you want to touch college students? There are many promotional items to try, but only uniqueness will set you apart? Students expect cool and unique packages that only a custom tape can offer. 

With increasing similarities between products, people may struggle to identify your product. For your brand to stand out, a branded custom tape is the answer to differentiate your product.

A custom tape distinguishes your product and increases visibility. From packaging to delivery, the limelight stays on your product. Students can also use the custom tape when they are moving in and out of their dorms. This helps with labeling and identifying boxes and bags.

4. Personalized and Promotional Pens

For years, pens have served as promotional items. You will find customized pens in churches, banks, government offices, and colleges. 

A pen’s cost and its flexibility make it a choice for business branding. Everyone uses a pen and its style variations mean there’s one for everyone. 

Promotional pens with your logo and name are effective for college marketing because the user and the students nearby will see your brand every time. That increases recall and can encourage students to get more information about your business.

Personalized pens easily attract attention. In colleges, they may spark curiosity about your brand. Even a lost or stolen pen increases your brand’s exposure and that makes them great giveaways. 

5. Customized Tumblers

Tumblers mean more than the standard container for serving beverages. They are one of the most popular items among college students. Their unique designs make them a worthy giveaway prize. 

If you go to any conference, park, or college, you’ll see the popularity of a tumbler. Printed tumblers make excellent handouts. Most people drink water, coffee and tea on the go regularly and these are for that exact purpose.

Use a tumbler as a college promotional item, and you will enjoy around the clock brand promotion. You can choose a design that fits your budget. They come in the form of plastic, metal, and ceramic designs. 

If you’re an eco-conscious brand, metal tumblers or reusable mugs will be better for your brand. There’s increasing waste from disposable cups and single-use bottles. Many millennials increasingly looking to support sustainable brands so adopting more eco-friendly tumblers may appeal more to college students.

6. USB Flash Drives

The inevitable usefulness of customized flash disks makes them a great promotional item for many brands. College students love them even with cloud technology. You’ll often still find the drives on their desks, the key chain, or bedrooms.

Another thing that makes them a lovely gift is their flexibility for creative customizations. That makes them not only handy but also a cherishable item.

Their convenient nature means brands will enjoy unlimited exposure. You can stick your brand’s name to a student’s mind and wait to reap the fruits.

Try These College Promo Items for Your Marketing Campaign

College promo items are like moving billboards. They will represent your brand for a long time and in many places. If the students love your item, they will enjoy it, share it and use it everywhere they go.

These promo giveaway ideas are practical, affordable and can definitely catch the eye of your audience. What matters is to give the students something trendy, relatable, and inspiring. They may even turn into your brand ambassadors. 

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Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.