4 Ways E-Commerce Beauty Brands Can Improve Their Customer Experience

For the past years, styles in the beauty sector have continuously changed, resulting in numerous developments. Today when customers browse beauty products online like a cosmetic bag, they’re most likely looking up videos of people trying the brand or searching for detailed product reviews. The two processes mentioned are all aspects of the customer experience. Clients search for opportunities to trust the beauty brand they’re eyeing and build up the strength to buy them.

It must be realized that the beauty industry will encounter obvious pain points when marketing products online. The reason behind this is because online clients can’t apply the product on their face or hand to see if the shade matches their skin, or even talk immediately with a sales representative to raise concerns.

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Still, with the significant shift to e-commerce, many brands moved online. As a result, this transition produced a diverse set of expectations from clients demanding optimum online customer experience. If you’re one of these companies, here are some ways e-commerce beauty brands can improve in this area: 

Provide Personalized Service

With most companies focusing on customizing customer experiences, beauty product buyers demand the same from their favorite brands. The force pushing this demand is the yearning of clients to discontinue the trial-and-error approach of searching for the right product for them. Thus, beauty brands should begin assisting potential buyers in choosing their ideal products.  

Some of the ways brands can adopt this method are:

  • After gathering customer data, divide your clients into like-minded clusters. For every group, create tailored SMS, email, or ad marketing initiatives to familiarize and update them about your brand. Personalize customer website experience with specific pop-ups, suggested upsells, and customized packages to ensure shopping at your e-commerce store feel special.
  • Implement a personalized shopping experience where the last step is a product suggestion fitting the buyer’s requirements. 

Please note when you personalize how you engage with your customers, you’re attracting the potential buyers’ sense of individuality. The approach likewise increases the customer’s perception of your brand’s level of care; hence, associating excellent service with your company. 

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Conduct Survey To Online/Existing Clients

When you conduct surveys from clients who purchased from you within the past few months, you can learn what led them to buy a particular item, what concerns they have about the merchandise, and what issues drove them to discontinue their purchase.  

There are tools online you can implement on your website to initiate polls when a client invests a specified amount of time on your website, when a customer checked a particular page several times, or when a visitor is about to exit the site.    

Asking customers questions like ‘Do you have questions about this product?’ or ‘What’s holding you back from completing your purchase?’ will allow you to understand some of your potential buyers’ issues or objections. Once you’ve obtained customer feedback, you can resolve problems on the website and eliminate conversion barriers.

Adopt A Subscription Service

Additionally, offering clients a subscription service is an excellent strategy to boost your revenue and customer experience. Buyers may rethink purchasing their favorite product if they have to go through similar steps in buying. 

However, when you implement an option for customers to subscribe to products they regularly use, you eliminate a large chunk of the conversion process where you can possibly lose the consumer. For instance, you can offer clients a subscription service wherein you’ll routinely ship their preferred makeup primer every 30 days. 

When you cut the transaction and sales cycle and proceed to the sale immediately, this step is a significant win if your objective is to enhance your customer experience and profit. 

Ensure There’s Available Product For Subscribers 

Lastly, to enhance the customer experience of e-commerce beauty brands, they must ensure there are always available products for subscribers. These subscribers pay additional fees to become members of your community, and one method to sustain their loyalty is to ensure their preferred merchandise is always accessible to them. Customers may feel disappointed if they can’t get hold of products even if they’re members of your community.  

Furthermore, out-of-stock products may result in clients researching other brands they can buy. See to it, you have stocks of your prominent items and go the extra mile by informing customers when it’s the moment for them to reorder.  

Final Thoughts

With these points in mind, creating a pleasant customer experience for your brand will not only bring revenue to your company, but will also convert buyers into loyal customers. Keep in mind, beauty supplies are particularly bespoke items, so companies should tailor the shopping experience for every customer as well. Make it a point to transform beauty merchandise from ‘want’ to ‘need’ and present to clients the rewards they’ll gain with enhanced customer engagement.  

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.