4 Brainstorming Examples to Jump Start Your Next Project

Are you looking to jump-start your next project, but aren’t sure where to get started?

Oftentimes, starting a project can be the toughest part of the whole process. After all, ideas don’t grow on trees. 

Luckily, there are plenty of brainstorming techniques you can employ to come up with your next million-dollar idea. 

Check out this guide to learn the top brainstorming examples to jump-start your next project. 

1. Starbursting 

Sorry, everyone this brainstorming technique has nothing to do with the actual Starburst candy. 

Starburst brainstorming involves focusing on questions rather than answers. With this technique, you start listing questions that deal with the who, what, where, and why of the problem you’re trying to solve. 

This is a great style of brainstorming because it ensures all aspects of the project are addressed before you dive into executing your ideas. Plus, thinking of brainstorming questions gives you an instant backlog of ideas for when it’s time to create a frequently asked questions page. 

2. Stepladder 

Invented in 1992, this is one of the best brainstorming techniques to use when you’re creating a project as a group. 

With the stepladder technique, a facilitator begins the session by sharing an idea or topic with the entire team. Then, everyone leaves the room except for two members of the team. 

These two members will then discuss their ideas, then after some time, one additional member joins the group. Before the two members discuss their ideas, the new member will share their own ideas. 

You will continue to repeat this cycle until everyone is room, ensuring that the new member is always the first one to share their ideas. 

3. Round Robin 

Round robin brainstorming is a great way to ensure that everyone’s ideas get heard. 

With this technique, team members will form a circle and they’ll take turns sharing an idea. While everyone is sharing their ideas, a facilitator will record them all so they can be discussed once the sharing portion is over. 

If you have team members you tend to stay quiet during brainstorming sessions, this is a great technique to get everyone talking. 

4. Brain Writing 

If you think that team members may be afraid to share some of their ideas aloud, brain writing is a great technique to employ. 

Start the session by having the team leader share the topic with the team. Then, every team member will individually write down their ideas. Not only does this help eliminate anchoring bias, but it also gives everyone an opportunity to think over their ideas, which can be especially helpful for introverted participants. 

Plus, when you generate ideas individually, you come up with concepts that you may not have thought of in a group setting. 

Whether you’re coming up with a new marketing campaign or designing a new woodworking tool like the ones sold by Inventables, this is a great technique to employ.  

Are You Ready to Try These Brainstorming Examples? 

Now that you have this list of brainstorming examples, it’s time to test them all out. Pretty soon, you’ll land on that new million-dollar idea. 

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Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.