3 Ways To Promote A Work-Life Balance With Your Employees

In recent years, employees have felt like they are less and less able to find balance in their personal and professional lives. And while some of this blame can be placed on the employees themselves who haven’t prioritized this balance in their life, a big portion of the blame can and should also be placed on businesses who don’t emphasize the importance of having this type of balance.

If you have noticed an imbalance in this type of thing within your organization, here are three ways to promote a work-life balance with your employees. 

Prioritize From The Top Down

Simply telling your employees that you want them to take more time off or find more balance in their professional and personal lives usually won’t do the trick. What you’ll really need to do is show them that this is a priority by being an example of living this type of life. 

Although you might also feel the pressures of always working on your business, if you want your employees to feel comfortable with taking time off in order to avoid getting burnt out or overloaded, you’ll also need to take some time off. Plan to have yourself and other executive team members take regular vacations or mental health days where you just don’t come into work so that the rest of your staff will get comfortable with this idea, too. 

Offer Legitimately Helpful Benefits

One of the biggest reasons why people often experience a discrepancy in their work-life balance is because their job isn’t giving them what they need to feel secure in their life outside of work. To get this, you’ll need to reevaluate what you’re offering your employees as far as benefits go.

Ideally, you should try to offer benefits that will legitimately help your employees, not just the occasional free food at the office. If you’re able to, offer your staff things like quality medical insurance options, assistance with daycare for parents, flexible time-off schedules, and more. 

Don’t Let Too Much PTO Carry Over Year-To-Year

While it’s good to give your employees paid time off that they can take advantage of throughout the year, some employees won’t use up all their time. And then this happens, it can be helpful to allow this time to rollover into the next year. However, if you’re wanting to encourage your employees to find a better work-life balance, you may not want to allow them to have too much time rollover.

If your employees feel that they have to use their time within the year or risk losing out on that time completely, they may be more likely to use their PTO now and garner the benefits of taking regular time off work. 

If you’re wanting to help your employees have more of a work-life balance, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you do this.

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