EDDM: Maximizing Exposure For Local Business

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) can be an effective marketing tool for local businesses. It helps increase exposure in target areas by delivering advertisements locally through this cost-effective method. 

If you choose an experienced printing service such as Catdi Printing and others for your EDDM postcards, then it could grow your business’s exposure and sales exponentially. And to effectively use EDDM, it’s important to understand how this service works and what results you can expect from it. 

Here are the best practices that’ll help you maximize the value of Every Door Direct Mail: 

1. Map Your Target Area With USPS Service Area Tools 

Before creating your mailer design, map out your target area using the USPS service area tools available online. The goal is to deliver your mailers within a specific distance of your business so that more people see them. This also helps keep costs down by sending only where necessary. 

2. Use A Relevant And Catchy Logo 

Use a logo that’s simple, eye-catching, and relevant to your business. It’ll serve as the main identifying factor of your ads. Remember that people are more likely to discard ads with poor aesthetics or little relevance to their interests, so make sure yours stands out.  

3. Keep The Language Simple For Customers To Understand 

The easier your ad is to understand, the more people will read it and respond to your offer. Write the copy in a simple, straightforward manner that gets right to the point. Use short sentences and give all necessary information without adding too much fluff or unnecessary details. Remember that simplicity is key, so don’t try to be clever with wordplay or other distractions from the main message you want customers to see. 

4. Let Customers Reach You Easily In All Of Your Mailers 

Include contact information where customers can easily find it on all EDDM mailers sent out by your business. Make sure this includes a link for website visitors to place orders online if possible. Also, offer contact information to make it easier for people to reach your business. 

5. Give Social Media A Prominent Spot In Your Mailer Design 

Social media can help spread the word about products or services you offer quickly. Some of the best marketing tools rely on positive word-of-mouth to gain hype, so take advantage of this powerful marketing tool by including a prominent social media icon somewhere visible in your mailers. 

6. Send Your Mailers During Optimal Time Periods To Maximize Exposure 

To maximize exposure, send out EDDM mailers at peak times when customers have more free time to read them and are more likely to respond to your offer. For example, weekly circulars are most effective when sent on weekends. Also, Thanksgiving and Christmas offerings tend to do well in mailboxes during holidays. 

7. Include A Call To Action At The Bottom Of The Mailer Design 

A call to action is an instruction that encourages customers or website visitors to take action (e.g., ‘Call Now or ‘Click Here’). Place one prominently at the bottom of each mailer design sent out by your business for maximum visibility. This should include the incentive people will get if they respond quickly (e.g., ‘$100 Off On All Orders Over $100’). 

8. Avoid Placing Any Distracting Elements On The Mailer Card Itself 

All mailers must be simple, so avoid adding anything unnecessary to the design itself. This means no added clip art or images unless they’re relevant to your business. For example, websites can display sponsors’ logos to demonstrate their affiliation. Still, it’s rarely appropriate for EDDM mailers because people are only supposed to see the basic information about your offer. 

9. Contact Your Local Post Office About EDDM Postage Discounts 

Many local post offices allow businesses to take advantage of extra discounts when using EDDM mailers. The exact requirements vary by location but often include things like minimum order size or quantity limits. Talk with your post office directly before creating any designs, so you know exactly what fees will be incurred during production and printing processes if you choose to send out EDDM mailers from your business. 

10. Keep Mailers Simple And Informational For Maximum Return On Investment 

EDDM mailers offer businesses maximum reach in minimal time by allowing them to reach the largest number of people possible in their local area with an ad campaign. As long as they’re simple and informational, each piece of design sent by a business will reach thousands of customers who can then act on it (e.g., calling for more information or visiting the store). Ensure that everything is carefully planned when creating any designs before ordering or producing them, so they don’t become too complex or confusing when distributed. 

11. Take Advantage Of The Affordable Opportunities EDDM Provides Businesses 

EDDM offers a great opportunity for local businesses to attract more customers cheaply and quickly. Businesses can have a circular mailing sent to thousands of people in their area for a relatively low price. EDDM can help bring your business into the spotlight very quickly with just a few mailers distributed during peak periods when customers are most likely to see them and respond favorably. 

12. Use EDDM To Your Advantage For Better Marketing Opportunities 

For local businesses that don’t want to spend a lot of money on marketing but still need to create awareness quickly and effectively, an EDDM campaign might be the right choice. By taking advantage of this service for your business, you can reach thousands of potential customers within a given radius when there’s likely to be high traffic (e.g., weekends and major holidays). 

13. Add Social Media Icons On Every Mailer To Maximize Exposure 

Social media is often used as a powerful marketing tool because it allows information about products or services to spread rapidly. People listen to what their friends and peers have to say before making purchases or changing their opinions about businesses, giving it an influence that’s often greater than traditional forms of advertising (e.g., advertisements on TV or radio). 

14. Make Sure Mailers Are Printed On Recycled Paper For Sustainability 

For any business planning to send out EDDM mailers, it’s important to only print them on recycled paper. This can have several benefits for the environment and the company itself as it’ll likely save some money over time. A more sustainable product will garner additional support from environmentally conscious consumers who are always looking to purchase products and services with positive environmental impacts. 


EDDM offers a great opportunity for local businesses to attract more customers cheaply and quickly. Each mailer distributed by a business will reach thousands of people in their area, so make sure each design is carefully planned before printing or producing it. By following these tips, your business can maximize exposure in the least amount of time for the lowest price possible. 

June McGown