Why Every Business Needs a Content Marketing Strategy

Ask many business owners what they think the best way is to gain new customers or pique interest in online business and you’ll likely hear something like, “advertising,” “social media marketing,” or “Instagram ads.” And while all of those may be effective, there is one important strategy that is missing: content marketing.

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that involves creating, publishing and distributing content to a specifically targeted audience, with the goal to bring in new traffic, increase interest, and develop new leads and customers.  With the content driven nature of the internet, it is an extremely effective marketing method, but only when done strategically. When this is the case, it can have impressive outcomes and offer massive gains in building business.  Here’s what content marketing can do for you:

Build Brand Awareness

First and foremost, people need to you know your business exists.  People need to know you are out there, doing good things, with great products and services to offer.  If you start creating the right content, you will get noticed. People will come to your site and learn more about you. The traffic growth will continue as more visitors become aware of your brand and you are fed more into the online stream. All of this starts with the right content that brings quality traffic and keeps people coming.

Maintain a Loyal Audience

When those people keep coming, they become a loyal audience, that is like a dog eagerly waiting for you to throw him the stick that you are holding in your hand.  Your audience starts to trust you through increased brand awareness, consistency, and good content, and they become loyal to you and excited to hear what you have to say. There is a world of people out there who needs what you have to offer, and who will come and stay – and even wait for it, when it is worth it.  The trick is to create that content, or work with online article writers who can create it for you and push your business, brand, and audience.  

Craft Your Authority

Those same visitors though, are only sold for as long as you uphold your authority and create credible content and information. Having the right content available speaks volumes about you as a business and goes a long way in developing trust with your customer base and online visitors.  While this takes time, consistency is critical. Visitors need to be able to come back again and again to see good content that supports their desire for authoritative and accurate information. When you create this, they’ll keep coming to get it. And if you aren’t sure you can nail it yourself, don’t hesitate to outsource the job and set up to work with online article writers who will be able to help create your authority for every visitor you have.

One of the top ways for new customers to discover a business is through organic search – they look it up on Google. In order for your business to come up in the search, however, you need to be generating the right content to improve your SEO, which then draws visitors to your site, and takes them on the buyer’s journey where they are nurtured and converted to being a customer. Much of this is done through quality articles that are found on your site, whereby, as mentioned above, visitors can start to think of you as an authority and trust what you have to say. When it comes to making this happen, it pays to work with online article writers who are versed in effective SEO, lead nurturing, and on-brand content for businesses like yours.

If it sounds like your business is lacking in these areas, or you aren’t drawing in the customers you want, consider re-vamping your content marketing strategy. After all, content is key in your path to business success.


Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.