3 Reasons Why You Need Outdoor Cushion Storage

Spring is here, and what better way to spend the season is to go out and look at the beautiful flowers blooming and enjoy the fresh spring breeze. But because of the pandemic and social distancing protocols, it might be challenging to enjoy spring fully. No need to worry because you can enjoy them even in the vicinity of your homes.

If you have terraces or even a backyard in your home, you can set up a patio for recreational purposes. You can unwind, relax, and enjoy the spring season in your homes. Sometimes, you do not need to go out to experience something luxurious because it can be done at home. One of the simple joys in life is just chilling in good weather under the bright sun. 

A patio wouldn’t be complete without outdoor cushions, of course. You must have a lot of outdoor cushions with you. Surely, they are essentials on a patio. But the real question is, how do you use them? Do you clean and store them properly? Or do you even have an outdoor cushion storage? If you do not have one yet, your cushions will not last very long. Here are a few reasons why you need outdoor cushion storage at home. 

  1. Protect cushions from pests and animals.

The biggest nightmare is finding out one day that your outdoor cushions are infested with pests and insects. Rats and spiders can make it their homes and hatch eggs, and moths could eat holes in the fabrics. This is most likely to happen if you leave the cushions outside, where it is easier for them to approach the cushions.

Believe it or not, even though you place them indoors, there is still a chance for them to be pestered, especially if they are not stored in a proper storage area. So definitely, one reason why you need an outdoor cushion storage is that it needs to be stored in a place where animals can’t have access to. 

  1. Prevent moisture from building in cushions.

One of the important things to take note of in taking care of cushions is that there should not be any moisture as much as possible. Your outdoor cushions must be as clean and dry as they can be. If they are wet, molds and mildew are more likely to grow faster. So if they get wet, make sure that they are dried thoroughly until no side is left wet. And then stored in a dry storage area. Any dirt, pollen, or moisture present in the cushion can degrade the fabric of the cushion. 

Prevent molds and mildew from fostering in your cushions by putting them in the right storage containers for outdoor cushions to avoid moisture from entering as well. 

  1. Outdoor cushions must be in a dry place.

As mentioned previously, moisture can bring molds and mildew to your cushions, so it is a must to store them in a dry area. Not only that, the area should have consistent temperature and humidity. 

Cushions must be off the ground as well because moisture can enter and transfer to the cushions. Also, they should not be kept in direct sunlight. UV light can cause the fabric to fade and get damaged, which will affect the cushions’ quality.

Outdoor Cushion Storage Alternatives

So, the best place to put them is in a proper storage container. Storing them in outdoor cushion storage will make all the difference!

At this point, you are probably already contemplating getting storage for your outdoor cushions. That is a great choice you made right there! Well, while we are at it, there are alternative storage options that you can use in the meantime to protect your outdoor cushions temporarily.

  • Airtight containers make sure that moisture would not be able to build up in your outdoor cushions. Before storing them here, ensure that your cushions are dry and do not have any moisture left. You can also try putting in moisture-absorbing packets, so it is really dry for good. Take note that this is good for temporary use only, but it will do the job!
  • Large sheets, blankets, drop cloths, and tarps can also be very handy! You can make use of them by covering and wrapping the cushions with them before you store them in your garage or attic. The extra layer of fabric can help give additional protection to the cushions, keeping them away from damage-inducing factors. However, this alternative would not give you 100% assurance that your cushions are safe.
  • Breathable fabric storage bags are also a good alternative if you live in an area with high humidity. If you do live in such an area, you should go with this one instead of using airtight containers. With this, air will just move through the bag and the cushions, but it will not get stuck and create moisture. This is an okay option as well, the best alternative. 

Even though a few alternatives were presented, it is always best to invest in your outdoor cushion storage. They do not cost much and are very affordable. It will not hurt to pay a few bucks on this compared to the damage you will face if you do not properly take good care of them. In fact, it is going to save you some money in the long run because if they are well kept, you would not have to purchase new ones.


We might not use our patio’s outdoor cushions very often, but they still must be cleaned and dried thoroughly, and stored properly in the appropriate areas. Investing in an outdoor cushion storage will be a very wise decision because, for sure, your cushions will be in a safe and secured place, which will help them last for a longer time. You can purchase them in your local department stores or get them online at Storables.com, and have them shipped to your address immediately! Share this with your friends, and they, too, will find this very helpful! 

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