3 Internet Essentials for a Small Business Office in 2023

How a business starts is one of the most important factors in determining the company’s future, but how the company continues down the line plays a much bigger role. A strong start is always an advantage but maintaining that advantage over the years is a complicated, challenging process.

Office electronics, equipment, supplies, and facilities that were considered essential 10 years ago have mostly become obsolete under modern business policies. Staying in sync with the present times, here are three internet essentials for small business offices in 2023.

Fiber Optic Connection(s)

All offices in 2023 must have access to one or more (depending on employee count and size) fast internet connection(s). Now, it’s important to understand that just having access to the internet alone is not enough anymore.

The ISP must be reliable and the connection’s download/upload speeds must be sufficient to meet all the requirements of the concerned office. At the very least, even a small office with limited requirements should have access to reliable 100Mbps – 200Mbps download and upload speeds.

Traditional cable internet connections ran on outdated technology, and this was replaced a long time ago by DSL cables. Even DSL is outdated now for office connections as fiber optic internet is several times faster than even the fastest DSL connection can be. Contact Wyyerd Fiber for more information on superfast commercial internet connections in Chula Vista.

Mesh Wi-Fi Routers

Mesh routers do not come alone and exactly how many you will need varies depending on the following:

  • The specific mesh routers (make and model) used to create the Wi-Fi system.
  • Each mesh router’s marked coverage capacity.
  • The size of your office, or the total number of floors which must be covered by Wi-Fi.

Mesh routers join multiple Wi-Fi access points in a single field of stronger Wi-Fi connection system for the office. Provided that the original internet connection itself is not slow, mesh routers can effectively eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones and weak zones within the office.

Adequate Wi-Fi Receivers

Wi-Fi connections powered by mesh routers and originally supplied by one or more fiber optic connections might not be sufficient to ensure fast internet access for everyone. Outdated laptop and desktop Wi-Fi receivers may not be able to make full use of today’s faster Wi-Fi signals.

If you have computers in the office that are older than five years at this point, it is recommended to get a speed check. If the results do not match the net speed you are paying for and/or the ping seems too high, it might be time to update the older computers. Sometimes, an easier solution can be availed by simply using an external Wi-Fi receiver on the older computers.

Note that this post is just as relevant for existing offices as it is for those still in the planning phase. You might have an established business running for years now, but if you are missing out on any of what was just mentioned, chances are that the lag will catch up and eat into your business profits over time.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.