3 Ideas for Companies to Prevent Premises Liability Claims

No company wants to encounter a situation where one of its employees or even one of its customers or clients is injured on its property. That being said, it’s a very real possibility for a wide range of reasons, and taking the right precautions to ensure that you’re both preventing these accidents and shielding your business from personal injury lawsuits. If this is something that’s happened recently or something you’re looking to address before it becomes a problem, here are three ideas for companies to prevent premises liability claims.

1. See What Types of Injuries Are Common on Properties Like Yours

It can be hard to anticipate potential injuries if you’re not exactly sure what you should be looking out for. This is why it’s important to conduct research to preemptively address these issues before they come up. Take a look at premises liability claims that are commonly being made in your area to see what other companies like yours are dealing with. This will better equip you to prevent accidents or ensure that you’re protected against them.

2. Get Signs That Help Visitors and Staff Identify Potential Risks

Sometimes, there are incidents that occur that people should have been able to identify and avoid on their own. Other times, companies can make mistakes that lead to the injuries of others because they didn’t provide them with the proper warnings. Regardless, it’s important to make sure that you’re covered in both cases. Get plenty of signs for some of the most common injury risks on your property and make sure to train employees to put them up when needed or install them on walls so that customers and employees are well aware of what types of injuries could be sustained.

3. Make Guests or Employees Sign Waivers for Dangerous Activities

Some companies may offer a wide range of amenities and activities that have the potential to result in injury if visitors make the wrong move. Companies could also face this type of problem if they have employee team-building exercises or outings where activities are physical. You can protect yourself from premises liability claims in both cases by drafting up liability waivers that help all parties understand the risks and take personal responsibility for their physical well-being should something happen. Drafting waives that will stand up against claims can be a bit tricky, so it’s worth reaching out to a lawyer to see how you can make these fully legal and ironclad.

No one wants to deal with a premises liability claim. It’s a major issue for the companies on the other end and it’s a problem for those who were injured due to negligence on the part of the company. Fortunately, there are ways for companies to address these issues so that everyone is safe on company property and claims are less likely to be filed. If you want to make sure your company is protected against personal injury lawsuits, use the three ideas above to get started on making your property safer for all.

Brett Sartorial

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