3 Brand Differentiators You’re Overlooking in Your Online Brand Management

Sometimes, customers choose a competitor over you for the simplest differences. It’s easy for the smartest marketers to overlook small but essential details. Brand management is about more than watching the big picture. For example, safeguarding your brand reputation is even more important than selling a few extra units. When customers stop trusting you, they stop buying your products.

How Can You Effectively Manage Your Online Brand Reputation?

Your brand’s apparent differentiators are still a high priority. You have to come up with strategic pricing combined with savvy market positioning. However, dig deeper for smaller attributes that can help or hurt your brand buzz. It may be worth the money to pay for expertise in this area.

“Being present on the web, continuous tracking of each activity occurs, thus these services such as online reputation marketing & review management help the business make up relations that last longer with their customers. The advent of competition that goes on the web needs requirements of online review management or ORM services to create the image that people see and want to get through the internet. Better customer ratings, feedback and digital media reputation are formed due to these online reputation marketing services,” according to EZ rankings Online Reputation Management Services.

Customer Service Counts

When customers speak to your agents, does your system immediately pull up their history. Fast, personalized service is the easiest way to win over your customers — especially when people are used to talking to chatbots. Treating customers like people encourages them to refer your brand to their online connections; word-of-mouth praise is the best free advertisement any online vendor can ask for. Over 40% of Americans value advice from friends and family rather than social media influencers.

Customer relationship management tools help you track past interactions so that this information is immediately available. To this end, agents training should include appropriate small talk that can help you build the relationship and let customers know you care.

Buying Process

Customers shouldn’t have to jump through flaming hoops to buy your products and services. Invasion of privacy is one of the main complaints online consumers have about making an online purchase. While it’s important to capture email addresses and probe for customer preferences, littering the ordering process with too many obstacles typically ends in an abandoned sale. Instead, proactive vendors provide customers with recommendations that streamline the ordering process.

Website Functionality

Over 50% of mobile browsers abandon a website that takes longer than three seconds to load. Check your site from different locations and devices to test the load times. It should also work seamlessly on different browsers. Your website should also contain enough information to help customers understand the value of your brand.

Paying attention to these factors goes a long way toward successful brand management. Turn to the professionals to grow your brand reputation and ensure that your hard work doesn’t go up in smoke based on unresolved customer complaints.


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