2 Tips For Finding Locations For Your Next Business Event

Finding a location for your next business event can be a daunting task, especially because the most popular venues tend to be booked out one to three years in advance. Here are two tips to guide your next venue search and turn your event into a success:  

  1.  Research And Plan Ahead    

Finding a perfect corporate meeting space Los Angeles that’ll make your next event stand out and have everyone talking about it isn’t impossible to achieve. Good planning and knowing what you’re looking for is half of the battle already won. That’s why it’s important to plan and set up goals even before the start of the search.   

The most important to consider when choosing a venue are:   

  • Is the venue accessible?   

A location that’s accessible and easy to find with quality attractions nearby can increase your event attendance.  

  • Is there a convenient accommodation facility located nearby?   

Suppose a hotel or other accommodation facility isn’t located in the venue’s vicinity. In that case, you may need to organize a shuttle service for attendees.  

  • Will it be available for the dates you plan your event to take place?   

Keep in mind that if you’re planning an event around the location’s peak season, it’ll be harder to navigate traffic and offer extra services such as VIP lounges.   

  • What is the event’s image, and how does the venue align with it?    

 Make sure your event venue aligns with your event’s brand image and that it’ll lure your target audience and key stakeholders.  

  • What is your budget?  

Having an established event budget to work with is essential before even beginning your venue search.    

  • What staff and types of services do you need?   

It’s essential to know and communicate your requirements regarding the attendee-to-staff size ratio and the type of services you’ll need.   

  • What equipment will you need to use at the venue?   

Plan and check the venue’s equipment capacities so that you know what additional equipment you may need to prepare, bring, and set up in time for the event. Think of WiFi, charging stations, and onsite tech support.  

  • Is there space available for additional branding?   

Check if the venue has signage and marquee space available for additional branding opportunities and ways to stand out.   

  • Will your event require food and beverage services?   

Decide if you’d rather have outside vendors or the available onsite catering service. 

  1. Set Up Goals And Visualize Your Dream Venue  

It’s best to clearly understand what you want to achieve and get from your business event and how a chosen venue can help you get there. Some of the most usual conference and other business event goals are:  

  • Educating participants  
  • Enabling meaningful networking experiences  
  • Launching a new product or service  
  • Establishing your brand as an industry and thought leader  
  • Building a community and lasting relationships with attendees  

When planning and choosing a venue, it’s essential to know what kind of design elements will support your event’s goals:  

  • Lighting  

Lighting is a critical design element that can highlight and brand different aspects of your event. That’s why when choosing a venue, you need to account for the lighting and ambiance it provides.   

  • Furniture  

When scouting for venue, furniture, whether in an outdoor or indoor setting, is an important element to pay attention to. The right furniture setting improves attendee flow and enables smooth attendee interaction.    

  • Mood boards  

A mood or an inspiration board can help you visualize what you want the attendees to feel and experience at the event. 

With all the steps mentioned above, you’ll be closer to a dream venue and a successful event that’ll help you secure sponsors for business events in the future.   


The choice of venue is a major factor contributing to the success or possible failure of an event. Before we decide and opt for a venue, it’s important to carefully plan, research, and set up goals we want to achieve with the event. A perfect venue will align with and support the event’s vision, goal, and branding efforts.   

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.