12 Reasons Why Business Owners Should Outsource Their Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a tricky thing to get right. It’s especially so if you’re a brand new startup looking to make waves in your respective industry. Anyone who owns a business knows that time is a precious commodity of which there is never enough. One of the most time-consuming aspects of running a business? Marketing

Marketing nowadays is mostly digital. This is why outsourcing digital marketing can be a major step in saving yourself time – and in the long run, money. An agency such as Atastic, an SEO agency focused on digital marketing in London, can handle your digital marketing for you. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. Outsourcing can free up massive amounts of time that can be used productively elsewhere. Leave the time-consuming digital marketing to the pros.

Here, we’re going to give you the top 12 reasons why business owners should outsource their digital marketing. But before we begin, let’s consider the main objectives that digital marketing agencies strive toward. Firstly, they want to create interactions with customers and provide excellent customer experience across all digital channels. They also want to manage customer relationships across these channels using their many strategies and marketing resources. Lastly, they want to source as much data on your customers as possible. This allows you to make the best possible decision with that data regarding marketing for your company.

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These three objectives are what most marketing agencies aim to provide when a company hires their service. However, some do offer other services that can help aid these goals. This can be anything from copywriting to website design. With that in mind, here are 12 reasons why you should be outsourcing your digital marketing.

1. Agencies Can Provide Expert Advice Immediately

By hiring a digital agency to handle your digital marketing, you are hiring an entire team of experts. These experts know how to market your company using a wealth of collective knowledge. A digital marketing agency will have a range of tried and tested methods. They draw on strategies that are guaranteed to benefit your company and how you market yourselves online.

Marketing agencies know what will and won’t work. This means they’re great at avoiding mistakes that might commonly trip up others, such as business owners who attempt to take on digital marketing themselves.

Agencies also can begin working for your company immediately. They provide feedback and marketing advice from the get-go. This means that they can work to start turning your company a profit as quickly as possible.

2. They Can Provide Consistency and Reliability 

One of the key aspects of digital marketing is consistency. Marketing your company to meet regular goals greatly benefits how far your business can go online.

The best example of this would probably be content creation. If your business is running a blog, you want to update that blog consistently. This ensures that customers remain engaged with your site.

If you’re doing this internally, then your digital marketing is at the whim of your employees. This can cause problems if they are to take leave or sick days. As well, they might be unable to complete marketing tasks on time due to other commitments within the business.

By outsourcing your digital marketing, you are ensuring that your business’s presence online is consistent and always on time.

3. It’s Less Risky Than Doing It Yourself

By outsourcing your digital marketing, you are paying for a team of experienced professionals. Internally hiring a marketer is risky. It’s not always guaranteed that your team will know exactly how best to benefit your company. However, marketing agencies such as Atastic Digital Marketing Agency are often quite results-oriented. We can guarantee you a certain level of return on your investment.

When you hire an external marketing agency, you are paying for guaranteed results. This makes it significantly less risky than doing it yourself. Agencies operate around the idea of a return on your investment. They are constantly trying to prove that their services are worth what you’ve paid for them.

4. You Can Gain an Outside Perspective 

An external marketing SEO agency can often bring in a completely new perspective to your company. Everyone likes to think they know their business inside and out. However, a new set of eyes on your marketing techniques can make a difference.

For example, an outside marketing agency might notice blindspots to how you target your audience. They may be able to tell you how better to improve website and visibility by pointing out gaps in your current strategy.

5. You Can Focus on Other Aspects of Your Business

Working with an agency will free up massive amounts of time to be put elsewhere. Time is money. With more time put into the core of your business, the more profits you’re likely to get out of it. If you and your employees can focus on more critical issues within the company without worrying about marketing, you’ll accomplish goals at a quicker rate.

6. It’s Cheaper to Hire a Team of Experts

Take a second to account for the amount of time and money it would take to cultivate a team of experts (or even one employee) internally. When you do the math, outsourcing digital marketing is almost a no-brainer.

Hiring internally requires going through the process of hiring and training a team for several months. It will take time to develop the expertise to even sufficiently market your business. On the other hand, it’s much quicker and more cost-effective to hire an external agency to start immediately.

If you did choose to train a team internally, you will also need to account for paying their salary, potential sick pay, leave, and tax expenses among other things. Hiring a specialist marketing agency means you don’t have to pay their tax. They can’t take paid leave and sick days, and it won’t be money out of your pocket.

Hiring a person is also nearly always a gamble. You are hiring based off of their CV and the first impression from an interview. Successful marketing agencies should have a host of previous campaigns that have benefited previous clients. You know what you’re getting for your money.

Hiring externally is a one-time payment for a quick result. Hiring or training internally may in some cases be lower cost upfront, but it may cost more in the long run in time, resources and money.

7. A Marketing Agency Has Access to the Latest Technology

The field of online marketing is always changing. There is a wealth of tools at your disposal when it comes to marketing your business. Choosing the right ones that are going to do the right job for you can be tricky. However, an experienced marketing agency can help with that.

Marketing agencies are well-versed in a multitude of different tools geared towards digital marketing. They aren’t only well-trained in the systems that they operate. They also will know what tools to use to help digitally market your business, and they’ll be able to do it well.

Depending on who you hire, an external marketing agency is also more likely to have the most up to date tools on the market. This means your company will get the best service possible.

8. Agencies Are Up-to-Date on the Latest Trends and Strategies

External marketers often have to keep up-to-date on the latest trends and strategies of modern marketing. In-house marketers can often get stuck using the same tactics that have been used in the industry for years. In contrast, for external marketers, it’s their job to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques being used by your competitors.

If there are any big changes in the industry, an external marketing agency is also more equipped to handle that change. They will do everything they can to make sure it benefits your company.

9. An Agency Turns Your Money into Paying Customers

A good marketing agency will be able to quickly identify how to reach a potential customer base and convert them into paying customers. As noted, marketing agencies are heavily results-oriented. This means you can measure their service in increased traction to your website or company.

This increased traction will result in a small number blooming into paying customers. The agency could achieve this by increasing your SEO or launching an effective ad campaign toward your target audience.

10. External Marketing Agencies Provide Ongoing Optimisation

When you outsource your digital marketing to an external agency, there is a constant need for them to prove their worth with return on investment. After all, if you’re not happy with their service you could stop paying them at any time!

Because of this, they hold an interest in continually optimising their marketing strategies to deliver on their proposed targets and goals. By outsourcing your digital marketing, there’s less chance of marketing strategies becoming stagnant or neglected.

11. You Can Outsource for Specific Marketing Channels 

Digital marketing outsourcing entails you can hire exactly who you need to get the job done. You may need help with SEO, writing blog posts, social media management, and a host of other tasks. When you outsource, you can hire exactly who you need to get these things done.

Need an updated website? Hire a graphic designer. Need a constantly updated blog? Hire a copywriter. Some agencies provide each of these service on-hand, ensuring you pay only for the service that you need.

12. Outsourcing Digital Marketing Is Essential for Startups

If you’re a startup, chances are you’re probably on a budget, and chances are your online presence isn’t too great. This is why outsourcing digital marketing can be such a huge step for new businesses.

With a small budget, allocating resources correctly is essential. Hiring an external marketing agency that gives guaranteed results is a safe bet for a return on your investment. This can often be done for the same amount it would cost to hire an in house marketing intern. The only exception is that an agency will yield greater results.

Outsourcing your marketing can guarantee growth. Early in a startup’s life, an agency can be crucial for the company’s survival.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.