11 Ways Small Businesses Can Work With Limited Budget

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There are tons of things to plan out as an entrepreneur, especially on what and where you spend your capital. While planning your business idea, you then decide to invest a particular amount of your money on tools and technologies, market research, the right people to lead your business towards success, branding, marketing, customer service, networking, insurance, and taxes. Even if these expenses seem overwhelming, it doesn’t mean you can’t start a business on a limited budget. 

Technology has evolved, and now it is possible to grow a business with limited or even without a budget if you’re clever about it. Below is a list of low-cost ways to grow your small business.

  1. Plan a Budget and Stick to it

The number one way to work on your business with a low budget is to plan everything according to your budget. Make spreadsheets and fill in the cells, be realistic and write down all the top priority and least priority resources your business needs. Once done with that, look what is necessary first, evaluate the total expense and make a commitment to stick to it, and inform your team as well.

It would require a lot of discipline as you might be tempted by what is nice to have rather than what exactly your business needs most. But you will only be able to fulfill your goal of a growing company on a limited budget if you are sincere with sticking to a budget.

Choose Shared Working Spaces

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Investing in new office spaces is out of the question for small businesses. To grow a small business, cut down expenses by using coworking spaces instead.

Nowadays, even bigger multinational companies have started to process remotely. They understand that four walls and desks have nothing to do with their productivity and professionalism. 

Many eCommerce businesses have more extensive warehouses but no working spaces; their employees work remotely rather than in a joint office space. 

Take Leverage from Social Media

In the beginning, you can always use organic, cheaper ways to market your business while on a budget. Because digitalization has made everything easier, specific, and accurate, small businesses should leverage digital media. It is one of the most inexpensive and effective ways through which entrepreneurs promote their businesses. 

Many start-ups now rely entirely on online platforms, solely on social media, as it is cheaper than advertising on TV commercials, billboards, or print.

Show off your logo

Even if you are low on budget, have a logo to represent your business, spend a few from your capital on getting a professional logo made. Once made, place it everywhere, on your t-shirts, pens, uniforms, etc. 

You can even give them away to people as badges if you want, create stickers, slogans, and a website, and give them to people you see in the malls, cinema halls, concerts, or other public events. If you manage to do it right, you might create enough interest in the public to check your website and see what you’re on about.

Find Alternatives to Expensive business resources

Another way to work on your small business with a limited budget is to find free business tools to perform specific tasks. In the initial stages of your growth, your business wouldn’t need the most expensive software, subscriptions, tools, and platforms. 

Invest in maybe one or two, the most necessary industry-specific tools which you think really will benefit your business growth. For all the other tasks, cut down expenses, research well, invest time learning new skills, and do it yourself.

Develop Customer Connections

Develop and maintain customer connections. Invest in the most loyal customers because they’re the ones who will bring you more customers. Build a warm relationship with them, maybe give them a handwritten thank you note when they purchase something, or offer more coupons/vouchers through email. We all know little gestures go a long way.

You can also invite past and current customers to try a new product that you are launching or ask them to fill out surveys. Always pay attention to their wants. Your present customers can find you the right audience, and this is equal to no monetary investment. 

Treat your employees like your customers

Your employees are your walking advertisements so let them do the talking, provided your product/service delivers on its promise. This is another inexpensive and convenient way of helping your business grow.

Making your employees happy through rewards and recognition will motivate them to work harder, helping your business grow, expand and create a positive impression on the public. 

Hire Interns

Aspiring interns work unpaid in exchange for certificates they need for completing their bachelor’s degree. Since they never worked professionally, they have a thirst for knowledge and learning. They are energetic, intelligent, active, and sincere. 

Try teaching them business by exposing them to different environments to help them gain experience. When they learn these skills, they’ll prove their worth quicker and could be the employees you’re looking for to grow your business. 

Don’t go for costly recruiting methods

Cut down cost on HR. We all know in the 21st century, our smartphones can work as our hiring managers. Try using your expertise by hiring talent through professional networks and references. You can use LinkedIn or other free web tools to employ an employee suitable for your vacant position.

Not only this, but you can also send your team to perform interviews at various universities or job fairs and then filter out a suitable young professional who is looking for a job to kickstart their career. 

Research how Other Small businesses are doing wonders

According to Bloomberg, a media company headquartered in New York, 8 out of 10 small budget businesses fail during their first 18 months, meaning only 20% of the small businesses reach success.

Through research, you’ll find tons of resources on the internet, books, podcasts, TV shows, entrepreneur interviews, etc. Also, keep a close eye on what your competition is doing, meet business owners from your community and start networking. 

Give Something Away

Another smart way to grow a business on a budget is to give something away for free. Make an impact by doing something for your customers like an inexpensive surprise, discount coupons, or maybe run a competition resonating with your business’s message. 


Business growth takes time, tactics, and money, but it’s possible to reach success without overspending. Taking control over your budget, nurturing customer relationships and marketing smartly is critical to growing your small business.

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